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һGreen World Chinese herbal products and supplementary products
        Green World started with high nutritional herbal and plant products made by high technologies. The founder of Green World, Dr. Deming Li, has both doctor degree of Cornell University and post doctoral degree of Wisconsin University and meanwhile she is also the researcher of Michigan institute. Based on the cooperation with institutes and famous universities, the company develops a series of health products. It is since Green World released its health products that the products are widely used to treat various diseases which cover 120 types including osteoporosis,high blood pressure, diabetes, rickets, heart diseases, high blood lipid, dermatitis, sexual dysfunction and arthritis.Relevant reports show that tens of thousands of typical cases prove the good effects of the health products.
        Because the products of Green World make great contributions to human health, they obtain honors continuously from domestic and foreign authoritative academies. These honors are attributable to the wide use of Chinese medical theories in China and foreign countries. In practice, Green World always seeks perfection. The company implements standard operation flows strictly and obey the operation practices of GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), GEP (Good Extracting Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), GCP (Good Clinical Practice), and GSP (Good Supplying Practice). At the same time, it requires its 200 suppliers and cooperation partners to comply with the above practices strictly.
Green World Hanfang (herb) cosmetics
        Green World has one rapidly developing cosmetic production line. The recipe, package and overall effect of the cosmetics make Green World cosmetics become the most popular cosmetic brand in China. The biggest advantage of its cosmetics is the use of natural herbal essences which are harmless to the skin. The company spends several years researching, developing and testing the products and can guarantee their quality. Moreover, the development of products is finished by experienced marketing staffs and experts in this field. The research and recipe of Green World cosmetics are of leading technologies. Before new products come to markets, they are examined by clinical tests and consumers. Their credibility is recorded in documents. The products will care your skin gently and their effects and quality are guaranteed. The company conducts strict tests such as dermatosis test, allergenic test, eye test and anti-acne test before, during and after cosmetic production. The company also produces skin care products, hair care products, cosmetics, detergents, sanitary panty-liner and napkins with herbal essences which can care female health in an all-round way.
        Green World international. Because of the pursuance of high quality, Green World products enjoy a high reputation all over the world. Green World is growing to be a well-known name in American, South Asian, African, European and Chinese markets. It has dozens of branch companies overseas and founds large international marketing networks. The marketed products consist of five categories including health products, beautifying products, personal care products, household articles and medical equipment, which include more than 1,000 products. The impressive performance greatly encourages the company to expand markets of other countries. And Green World has got ready to exploit international market in an all-round way.
Research and development of new products and marketing networks of Green World Group
        New product research and development. For a company producing health food and cosmetics, the research and development of new products are essential. Every year, 10% of the companys revenue is invested into product research and development. Green World has 6 research centers in total in USA headquarter and China. They are Bioengineering Research Center, Microorganism Research Center, Tumor Research Center, AIDS Research Center, Nutrition Research Center and Chinese Medicine Research Center, with a strong scientific research team of more than 100 scientists, agriculturists, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, botanists, experts and nutritionists under the leadership of Dr. Deming Li. Supported by abundant funds, the centers are developing rapidly and make continuous achievements, especially in the aspects of malignant tumors and immunity system. The company brings good news to people suffering malignant tumors and immunity problems.
        The marketing networks of Green World Group. Currently, Green World has more than 100 categories of traditional Chinese herbal products and food supplementary products such as mineral, microelement and concentrated products, which play the roles of anti-oxidant, detoxicant, balancing agent, supplementary agent, essential nutrition and strengthening agent. The products of Green World scatter all over China and are very popular in America, EU, and many South Asian countries. The sales companies established by Green World Group are in charge of exploiting markets of high quality products. At present, Green World has more than 100 agents and retail stores and has a sales team of more than 3,000 people. The sales companies are specially used for managing high quality products marketing and product distribution. Green World has established hundreds of large super markets and shops. Their professional and efficient management win good reputation from wide consumers, so do their products. The flagship products are spirulina and pine pollen products which occupy greatest market shares among those in the same industry.