The International Trip for Part of African Distributors Successfully Concluded
2008-11-12 20:00:00
In the evening of October 21st, 2008, nine Green World distributors from the South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Namibia arrived at the Beijing Capital Airport, started their trip to China, which they have been expecting for such a long time. Mr. Yansheng Ji, the minister of the overseas service department and Mr. Jianquan Wang, the manager of overseas branch, led part of staff to welcome them with open arms. 

   In the morning of October 22nd, the distributors paid a visit to the Green World logistics and production base which locates in Tianjin airport industrial park, during which they visited the products exhibition hall, the enterprise honors exhibition hall, the administration and office area, production department and so forth. The personal experience to the modernized production equipment, scientific and effective work environment and friendly staff impressed the distributors a lot, which got their admiration, pride and confidence to the strong Green World Group. In the afternoon, training conference was held for the distributors, at which Mr. Wang yin, the Kazakhstan branch manager and Mr. Jianquan Wang, the overseas branch manager presented and awarded the distributors with certificate. After the conference, grand welcome party was held for the distributors in Xiangyangtun Hotel. Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World Group, came back from the US. and attended the party in person to meet the distributors and gave them a splendid address. The distributors were encouraged a lot and the hall was full of joyous atmosphere.

During the following two days, the distributors visited Ancient Culture Street, Five Avenues, Drop Stadium, Drum-tower and Binjiang Road in Tianjin to feel the features of fast-developing Tianjin.
In October 25th, the distributors came back to Beijing to visit the Green World Traditional Chinese Medicine extraction Plant and the National Lab supported Research and Development Base, during which the Group research and development engineer Mr. Wenyan Hu presented a elaborate and splendid introduction. All the distributors were overwhelmed by the strong research and development power of Green World advanced products and firmly believe the reliable Green World products.

Later, the distributors visited the Imperial Palace, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall, Ming Tombs and other well-known tourist attractions in Beijing and also experienced in person the manufacturing process of traditional handicraft articles, such as Chinese silk, jade articles, jewelry enamel and so forth. Therefor, the distributors knew more about the centuries-old history and culture of China when appreciating the beautiful pictures. Then, they went to Hongqiao wholesale market to buy Chinese souvenirs for their friends.

In the evening of October 28th, Mr. Yansheng Ji, the minister of overseas service department, led part of the staff to send off the distributors at the Capital Airport. The distributors expressed their gratitude to Green World for the hospitality and thoughtful service and the parting even made them to tears, then the one week's trip for part of African distributors successfully concluded when they entered the flight with the warm send-off of Green World staff.

The Green World Group wins good reputation internationally by superior quality products and bringing health to the consumers globally, at the same time, creates plenty of business opportunities to the distributors. With the effort of all people in Green World, there must be more people can own health and treasure.