Green World’s strengths built during two decades of development ensure the steadiness of the platform through which its partners are able to manage their business in a sustainable manner.

8 Product Series
    Blueberry Series, Health Care Products, Personal Care Products, SMILIFE Skin Care Products, Four-Season Sleep Care Bedding, Tourmaline Products, Water Purification Equipment, Air Purification Equipment constitute 8 series of products of Green World.

20+ International Certifications
    From planting, extracting, production, to inspection, and each link of supply chain have been accredited with over 20 international certifications throughout the years.

40+ Countries

    Green World has established branches in over 40 countries in 5 continents and the market is ever expanding.

2000+ Distribution Centers

    Green World’s over 2000 distribution centers in 5 continents are providing quality products and services to more and more people.

7 Research Centers

    Green World is cooperating with 7 international research centers such as Bioengineering Research Center, Microbiology Research Center, Cancer Research Center, AIDS Research Center, Nutrition Research Center, Sexology Research Center and Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Center.

300 Products

    Blueberry products, as the leading series, initiate the innovation of production and supply chains for around 300 products of Green World.