New Year, New Beginning——A visit to Indonesia in 2019 of Dr. Deming Li, President of Green World Group
2019-03-19 08:50:22

On February 10, 2019, the sixth day of the lunar year, Dr. Deming Li, the founder of Green World Group, who was supposed to be reunited with his family to celebrate the Chinese New Year, started a visit to Indonesia accompanied by Mr. Zhiyu Jiang, Vice President of Southeast Asian Region and General Manager of Indonesia Branch.



After arriving in Indonesia, in response to a request from the Government of Indonesia and promoting the development of the market, Dr. Deming Li has made on-the-spot investigations on several enterprises for their factories, laboratories, and equipment of purification, production and packaging, and discussed with the person in charge of the enterprises various aspects of product research and development, production of different dosage forms, packaging process and future cooperation.

A senior leader's meeting discussing market development plan, and an award presentation ceremony were held on February 14.


The day was on Valentine's Day, and a bunch of fire-like roses from staff representative was presented to Dr. Deming Li before the ceremony. Awards were then given to the outstanding distributors who won the "Car Award" in the 2018 promotion. The “Excellent Store Award” was awarded to the top five specialty stores in terms of performance in 2018, the “Most Potential Store Award” to the top three newly established stores in 2018. All the winners also received products and flowers from the company. After the awarding ceremony, all the participants enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner, and Dr. Deming Li expressed her gratitude to the guests and staff present. Dr. Deming Li and leaders sang and danced in a warm atmosphere. As the event drew to a close, a “family photo” covering all the guests and staff was taken to mark this important moment.


Visiting Yogyakarta on February 15 and 16
 Indonesia Yogyakarta is an ancient city with hundreds of years of history. There are a group of partners who are keen about the cause of human health, by spreading the health concept of "improving human health with green products" to meet the needs of local residents for both nutrition and health care. On February 15, Dr. Deming Li met with local leaders and a new product solid drink “Changjingjing” was introduced to them. Product training and team building were carried out on February 16.



Jakarta Leaders Meeting on February 17

Attending the meeting were Mugij's team and senior distributors ranking above 5 stars. The meeting was kicked off by local distributors singing and dancing in the style of Indonesian aborigines. Then, members of MUGI’s team delivered speeches in which expressed the expectations for the Green World respectively. Crown leader MUGI told everyone about how she joined the Green World business and what she has achieved. In the end, everyone enjoyed the special food NASI TUMPENG blessing on happiness and luck, hoping a bright future of Green World under the leadership of Dr. Deming Li.
 Dr. Deming Li embarked on a return trip the next morning, and the trip to Indonesia was successfully completed. As the global Chinese celebrate the New Year in 2019, Dr. Deming Li's warm attention and support to the market has brought a great hope to the Indonesian branch, team leaders and staff. The Green World Southeast Asian region will take advantage of this opportunity to gain a decisive victory in the future.