Green World Indonesia Branch Distributor Spontaneously Collected and Donated Mask
2009-01-16 00:43:42

Recently, the emergency situation of Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic happened in China affected the hearts of Indonesian. As the harmonious friendly neighbors, the two countries had always supported each other and developed together. Everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic. In Indonesia, the whole country urgently acted to ensure the material support and all the prevention and control works had been carrying out powerfully and orderly. Green World Indonesia family members also actively made response and purchased related supplies through their own channels to support China. All the works of Green World Indonesia Branch were conducted in an orderly way and the distributors had always been passionate as before.

As the influence of epidemic, the mask in the global is extremely insufficient, so is Indonesia. In the big cities of Indonesia, it is hard to get a mask and because of the shortage, the price of the mask is much higher than that of normal. Under this special circumstances, Green World Indonesia distributor Mr. Anthony drove to different places and even some faraway cities during the rainy season of Jakarta through different connections and finally purchased 500 pieces of mask and sent to Green World Indonesia Branch timely. The philanthropic act of Mr. Anthony was greatly affirmed by Green World Indonesia Branch and Green World Group who expressed gratitude to this most respected Green World Indonesia family member. In this special moment, all Green World people jointed together and was bound to overcome the difficulty of epidemic to continually spread Green World health concept and high quality products to the whole world and benefit more people, thus make a contribution to the health cause of human beings!