Bolivia Branch Distributor Leaders Seminar & Awarding Conference Successfully Held
2022-04-02 13:39:34

With great anticipation, Bolivia distributors warmly welcomed Mr. Li Hongbin, President of Green World South American Region, for his first official visit to Bolivian branch and attending the first distributor leaders meeting in Cochabamaba, the central city of Bolivia, from 24 to 26 March, 2022.   

Visiting the Cooperative Organizations in La Paz and Santa Cruz
President Li Hongbin firstly arrived in La Paz-the most important city of Bolivia to respectively  visit the cooperative logistics, customs clearance companies, lawyers, financial and human resources companies to ensure that the operation conforms to the local laws and regulations. Meanwhile, through communication, he knew the operational conditions in each aspect, proposed the optimized solutions to the existing problems, which escorted the healthy development of the branch.

After finishing visit in La Paz, President Li Hongbin arrived in Santa Cruz that evening. Distributors enthusiastically welcomed him at the Viru Viru International Airport where Mr. Li made a brief speech.  

In Santa Cruz, President Li Hongbin first communicated with Franz, the high-level distributor leader, on the development status and goals of the market, assisting with the development and growth of the Saint Lukes market. Then a meeting was held with Fernando Hurtado Peredo, president of CAINCO (Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism) to strengthen HGW's business ties.

President Li Hongbin Received Warm Welcome in Cochabamba
Cochabamba distributors had been waiting outside Jorge Wilstermann airport early to welcome President Li hongbin to Cochabamba.  

Senior Distributor Leaders Training & Communicating Meeting
On March 24, Senior Distributor Leaders Training & Communicating Meeting-one of the biggest events of HGW to be held in Bolivia started in Regina de Tiquipaya Hotel, President Li Hongbin conducted a training for all the participant senior distributor leaders. He confirmed the efforts of them and emphasized that Bolivia branch can not achieve success without the hard works of everyone. 
At the end of the training, Mr. Li hongbin proposed a toast by a cocktail as the beginning of the first distributor leaders meeting. Senior distributor leaders all took group photos with President Li Hongbin.  

Gala Dinner
On March 25, a training was conducted to the distributors with silver, gold and platinum levels. President Li Hongbin encouraged all the participants to continuously make efforts to achieve better performance. 

In the evening, the grand gala dinner was held. All the participants were well-dressed to respectively proposed a toast to celebrate the joy of success.  

The First Distributor Leaders Awarding Conference Successfully Held
On the early morning of March 26th, about 2,500 people gathered outside the Regina Hotel in Tikipayaa, queued up to attend the grand awarding conference of HGW which was hosted by Ronald Arnez and Kerley Lindenmay, the famousTV hosts.   

On the conference, the wonderful performances, the sharing speeches of successful experience and the commendation of excellent distributors raised one climax after another. The most anticipated moment was at the end of the conference.Present Li Hongbin presented Car Award to Wilde Jimenez and Franz Torrejon, the senior distributor leaders of Bolivia Branch, who were extremely excited and shared this honor with their teams.


Although the conference came to an end, the new development of the market has only just begun. Let's look forward to another peak of the Bolivian market.