Green World Diamond Club Member Series Report--Ms. Chioma Tasie, One Star Director from Nigeria Lagos Branch
2022-04-24 14:19:30

My name is Chioma Tasie presently 1 star director.
I joined Green World in 2010. Then, Green World had  very robust and effectively organized Seminars being held in almost all the States in Nigeria.
I was greatly motivated by the practical realities of growth in the business, especially during Award Winning Ceremonies and Car presentations to deserving 'Networkers.'
And so, the urge for investment increased, leaving me with no option, but to criss-cross the length and breadth of Nigeria in a bid to mobilize people to invest in the business. The business flourished , and there was a boom, as testified by my untiring downlines who devoted time, energy and resources to ensure successful business activities.
My downlines penetrated the hinterlands for massive mobilization of members. Their efforts yielded huge results.
Through tasking, the introduction of periodic promotions boosted the morale of my downlines, who participated actively in order to benefit from the package. Needless to say, it enhanced my business profile and increased my turnover.
In the same vein, my downlines' business potentials witnessed increase, even as they opened shops in the remote villages, which ultimately increased their bottom lines.
However, the economic downturn across the world, occasioned by the Covid-19 Pandemic negatively affected the business, so much so that my downlines interests in the business began to wane. But, I remained undaunted in the face of the numerous challenges. This necessitated borrowing from the banks to fund the business and participate in the routine "Achievements"
It was a Herculean task as Banking Institutions are not "Father Christmas." They lent money on interests.
Sales were low. Banks called for their money and their corresponding interests. These dampened my spirit and the zeal to continue the business. My downlines needed to be encouraged, and convinced that we were still on the right track.
Despite these discouraging scenarios, I persevered, remain focused ... with one thing in mind .... to reach the apex of the business. To God be the glory, I emerged victorious ..... winning my "Villa Award Fund" in 2021.
I must say without fear of contradiction, that Green World business has positively affected my world view in respect of business contacts, travel experience in my country-Nigeria and internationally. Not only has Green World enhanced my business potentials, it has also tremendously impacted my cultural orientation through travels to South Africa, Indonesia and Dubai in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

I am immeasurably grateful to the  Management and Staff of Green World for this wonderful opportunity that has immensely enhanced my capacity in networking business and social relations.