Green World Diamond Club Member Series Report--MRS. MELLY EUKELIA GABRIEL, Three Star Manager from Cameroon Branch
2023-04-20 09:50:48
My name is MRS MELLY EUKELIA GABRIEL, a three star manager from the Cameroon branch and a teacher by profession. 

It all started in 2004 when a close relative of my husband presented a health business opportunity to him. Being of the classical medical field, he decided to direct the relative to me. I did not grab the opportunity immediately but after some follow-up on her path, I integrated the company whose name I will not mention. Two years later, I was not satisfied with their network, so I had to abandon. 
In February 2008, my father had a heart problem and I had to call the trainer of that company. For he did a lot for Green World Cameroon this is where he introduced Green World Cameroon to me and proposed Green World cardio power capsule to me since my father was having a fatty heart. I did not hesitate to buy the product using his Green World identity just to tell you how marvelous it was, my father’s heart was declared fatty free just after the consumption of 30 capsules. I immediately registered and took a firm decision to work with Green World. 
After six months with Green World, I understood the business plan and put myself at work. I am appreciated that my husband have introduced me into this marvelous business.
In a space of two months, I won the fast growth award and was offered the best Samsung android phone that I had never used before. On that same day a Cameroonian equally won a car and I promised that I will use the 10 remaining months to work for a car which I did. 
My next step was to win the Mercedes Benz and as such, I had to spread Green World to the other parts of Cameroon like, MBOUDA, NGOUNDERE, BANJOUN, but also to other African countries like GABON, SENEGAL, CONGO, where the business got booming . In no time, I became the leader of central Africa with many cars awards and multiple trips to china. And today despite the difficulties that the company is facing, I am doing my very best to relocate old distributors because Green World is the best and most resistant company with quality health products and gives us excellent results day in day out. 
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