Market News--Green World 30th Founding Anniversary Celebration was Succesfully Launched (Report Two)
2024-02-06 15:10:50

On January 27, 2024, as the slogan "A Legacy of Commitment, A Future of Possibilities" was shounted again, Green World 30th anniversary celebration activities were launched in Nanjing production base. 

As the largest production base among the four Green World  production bases, Nanjing production base covers an area of 600 mu (1 mu equals to 1/6 an acre ), with production land of 200 mu (1 mu equals to 1/6 an acre ). There are phase I project marketing center, GMP workshop, R & D quality control center, administrative office center, logistics center and exhibition center, which have been completed and put into use. The advanced GMP workshop is built in strict accordance with the 100,000 level of cleanliness standards, with a number of imported production lines. Green World adheres to the health concept of "from nature, beyond nature, back to nature", and has been providing eight series of more than 300 kinds of high-quality products for tens of millions of families around the world. Among them, the characteristic series including blueberry series products and Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer series are highly praised by the global customers after being pushed into the market, which have become the top sales products of Green World. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Green World in 2024, all staff are full of confidence and will make concerted effort to obtain more splendid achievements.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary celebration, Mr. Ren Junfeng, General manager of Green World African Region Uganda Branch, visited the Nanjing production base and made a report on his works. He discussed the formula upgrading matters of Green World Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer with the R&D staff and reported to Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World Group, on the preliminary investigation of establishing an organic fertilizer plant in Uganda. It is expected that Uganda branch can take advantage of the double benefits of Green World 30th founding anniversary celebration and the construction of local plant to increase publicity efforts and rapidly improve market performance.