"Happy Life Experience Camp" was Opened, and the Wonderful Warm-up Activities for the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Green World Group were Launched
2024-05-16 10:03:37

From May 9 to 11, 2024, "Happy Life Experience Camp" and the wonderful warm-up activities for the 30th anniversary celebration of Green World Group were held, which are not only the review of the glorious history in the past, but also the elaboration of the grand vision in the future. 
Green World Group has always firmly adhered to the globalization development strategy and is committed to building a global health industry platform. On the conference held on 9th, May, Ms. Rainie Wang, vice dean of Green World Group International Business School and Director of Training Department, shared the entrepreneurial story of Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World Group, for the participants. Through a series of vivid and wonderful stories, the development process of Green World Group was vividly demonstrated, highlighting the profound corporate heritage.

Then, the lecturers analyzed all aspects of marketing in detail, providing valuable experience for the participants.

Before lunch, participants were organized to weigh themselves and record their weight in detail in preparation for the "Happy Life Experience Camp". In the afternoon, the "Happy Life Experience Camp" was officially kicked off, with more than 50 people participating in interactive games in groups and experiencing health detoxification products and services.



On the morning of May 10, the detoxification program was strictly implemented, and the participants ushered in an intense weighing session. After a day and night of strict adherence to the detox program, each member has achieved a different degrees of fat reduction and detoxification effect. Among them, some excellent trainees have achieved remarkable results in weight loss of 1-1.5kg, and their efforts and persistence have been fully affirmed.
In addition, Green World Group also specially invited Ms. Wu Yuanyuan, doctor, associate professor and master tutor of School of Pharmacy, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, to bring a lecture on blueberry antioxidant knowledge. With rich professional knowledge and practical experience, she deeply interpreted the antioxidant principle of blueberries and its application in the health industry, which made participants benefit a lot. 

Then, two new products which had obtained FDA certification and a new quinoa product were launched at the conference, highlighting Green World's continued investment and innovative spirit in the health industry. Subsequently, Mr. Dong Lianghui, CEO of China Region, highly praised the efforts and results of the participants and stressed the importance of healthy life.

On May 11, it was rainy in Nanjing. The "Warm-up Conference for 30th Anniversary Celebration" was officially opened, with all the seats occupied at the conference hall that could accommodate hundreds of people.


Ms. Rainie Wang, vice dean of the International Business School and Director of the Training Department of the Group, reviewed the extraordinary course of struggle of Dr. Deming Li, founder of Green World Group, with deep emotion. She told the story of how Dr. Deming Li built up Green World Group through perseverance and business wisdom.

Ms. Rainie Wang described the development history of Green World in detail. After 30 years of struggling process, Dr. Deming Li has created a forward-looking, experienced leadership team, cultivated a group of partners who were unified to forge ahead and built a global marketing platform.

During the meeting, Green World Group specially prepared the "Blue Berry Bang Bang" boba tea for each participant, which was highly praised by everyone.


Then, a big news was announced at the conference. There were two new health products that have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, which undoubtedly added a bright color to the entire event, and also showed Green World's continuous investment and innovative spirit for the health industry.

This event not only enhanced the partners' understanding of Green World Group, but also laid a solid foundation for the upcoming 30th anniversary celebration. Green World Group will continue to adhere to the health concept of "From Nature, Beyond Nature, Back to Nature" and contribute to the global health industry.