Market News---Green World South Africa Cape Town Branch Awarding Ceremony in the Middle of the Year 2019 Successfully Convened
2019-07-23 10:55:50

On July 13, 2019, Green World South Africa Cape Town Branch grandly held the awarding conference in the middle of the year 2019 in Cape Town, which attracted over 200 people included distributors from West North Province, Free State, Eastern Cape Province and Western Cape Province of Cape Town and also distributors from afar, such as from Angola and Namibia.

All the seats were occupied and the atmosphere was extremely warm

The conference was hosted by Ms. Prince, the senior distributor and the China Tour Award winner. Ms. Prince expressing warm welcome to all attendees.

Mr. Bruce Huang, general manager of Green World South Africa Cape Town Branch, made an opening speech, in which he represented the  company to express the gratitude to the distributors for their hard work and choosing Green World as well as growing with Green World together. He also introduced the theme of this conference: WITH GREEN WORLD, FLY AS HIGH AS YOU CAN !  Green World platform has unlimited development space just as the sky. The company would support the distributors from every aspect and meanwhile Mr. Bruce Huang looked forward to the future, talked about the development tendency and planning, introduced the new products was about to be launched to the market, at last he wished  everyone achieve more at the awarding conference in the end of the year.

Afterwards, the seven-star distributor MR. SIMON made a wonderful training about OPP
The Lucky-draw made the atmosphere of the conference warmer

On the conference, the distributors list who upgraded to four-star and five-star level in June of 2019 was announced, the certificates and checks were presented to distributors who upgraded to above six-star level in the first half of the year, 16 China Tour Awards and 5 Business Car Awards were also presented. Meanwhile, the specialty shops which achieved outstanding performance were awarded at the conference. All the distributors were extremely excited and they all expressed that they would make persistent efforts for greater success.


China Tour Award winners taking a group photo

Part of staffs of Green World South Africa Cape Town Branch

Business Car Award winners showing big smiles on their faces

Ms. TENDAI, the best distributor team leader of cape town branch, made an inspiration speech, in which she shared her experience about the change Green World had brought to her life, especially in the recent time, she earned over 100, 000 Rand of monthly bonus. She encouraged distributors to concentrate on Green World business and Green World was bound to bring everyone the abundant rewards in return.

The distributor leader of Cape Town and the newly joined distributor successively made speeches which inspired the attendees who also wanted to share their successful experience.

Everyone cheering to celebrate the successful close of the conference with champagne

After the conference, the branch also elaborately prepared the barbecue for distributors participating the conference in order to provide an opportunity for everyone to further communicate with each other. The successful convening of the awarding conference greatly inspired the enthusiasm of distributors for Green World business and encouraged the team to make persistent efforts in the second half of the year to obtain more achievements.