The 12th Award Conference of Green World South Africa Branch Successfully Convened
2019-12-23 11:45:41

On November 23, 2019, after the 11th Award Conference held on December of 2018 in Cape Town, the 12th Award Conference of Green World South Africa Branch was successfully convened in Johannesburg, the business center and the largest city of South Africa. On this day, the sky was blue, the sun was shining brightly, just like every Green World people’s mood: bright, vigorous, hopeful.   
Mr. David L. Zhang, Vice President of Green World and President of Green World African region,  Mr. Glory Guo, general manager of Green World South Africa Johannesburg Branch, Mr. Bruce Huang, General Manager of Green World South Africa Cape Town Branch, and over 1200 distributors from different regions of South Africa, and other countries of Africa such as Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Angola, Zambia and Nigeria, etc. attended the grand Award Ceremony. 
At 8:30a.m., in the auditorium of Witwatersrand University, the working staff were actively making the final preparation and device debugging. Meanwhile, a motorcade composed of one limousine and over 20 awarded cars paraded all though the center of Johannesburg, crowded by Green World distributors, the grand parade attracted the eyes of many citizens of Johannesburg, which fully demonstrated the glamour of Green World.      




The attendees lining up for the registration of admission
At 9:30 a.m., with the motorcade arriving at the conference site, the attendees also orderly registered, received the particular souvenir of this conference and successively took seats guided by the Miss Etiquette. All the seats were occupied. The senior leaders of Green World southern Africa got off from the limousine and other cars of motorcade, walked through the red carpet and entered into the conference hall from VIP access. Afterwards, the top management team grandly entered into the hall in the cheers and applause of distributors. 

The senior distributors entering into the conference hall from VIP access

Green World top managers entering into the hall to take seats
After performing the national anthems of China, the United States and South Africa, the host announced the official start of the conference. Mr. Glory Guo, General Manager of Johannesburg Branch, South Africa, delivered a welcome speech and welcomed distributors from various countries in Africa. In his speech. He summarized the great achievements made by Johannesburg Branch in 2019 and briefly introduced the work plan of Johannesburg Branch in 2020. Finally, he solemnly promised distributors that Green World would, as always, present high-quality products to distributors and customers with professional service and management in 2020.                             

Mr. Bruce Huang, General Manager of Green World South Africa Cape Town Branch, as the representative of general managers of different branches, summarized and introduced the experience in developing new markets in southern Africa in 2019. He encouraged distributors to work hard on the fertile soil of Green World and actively increase the income. He also wished distributors a greater success in the next year.
Mr. David L. Zhang, Vice President of Green World Group and President of Africa region, delivered a speech at the end , in which he praised the outstanding leaders of various countries and regions, and sincerely thanked the senior distributors for their hard work and efforts. Then he summed up the development process and great achievements of Green World African region in the past 12 years. He especially mentioned that Africa took advantage of the trend and established a number of new branches and stores in 2019. In the speech, he also described the grand blueprint for the future development of Green World and its future development plans and strategies. His speech greatly inspired the participants.

107 China Tour Awards, 24 Business Car Awards, 40 Luxury Cruise Awards, 11 Australia Tour Awards, 21 Mauritius Tour Awards, 1 Luxury Car Award and 2 Villa Awards were presented during this conference. Green World fulfilled its promise and invested a lot of money to honor and reward distributors who had made outstanding contributions to the development of Green World.
The awarding of various awards pushed the conference to one climax after another. The whole audience were immersed in warm atmosphere and the thunderous applause. Distributors who won the prizes came to the stage with their team members, singsing and dancing, celebrating the victory and sharing the joy together. 
According to the promotion plan formulated at the beginning of the year, the distributors, specialty stores, lecturers and employees with outstanding performance this year were also rewarded in the conference to affirm their efforts in 2019. Green World is a professional and honest company. Green World business is worthy of distributors’ strive for their entire life.

Mr. Glory Guo and Mr. Bruce Huang, Managers of the branches, presenting China Tour Awards to the winners 
Mr. Patrick Ntja presenting Market Development Awards with the Two Piece Set of laptop and projector as rewards

Mr. David L. Zhang, Vice President of Green World Group and President of Africa region, presenting Business Car Awards to the winners



Ms. Malter presenting awards to senior distributors and taking photos with them 




Mr. Patrick Ngwenya presenting Luxury Cruise Awards to the winners


Ms. Zinia presenting awards to new promoted senior distributors


Mr. Nkiwane presenting the international tour awards to the winners

Mr. David L. Zhang, Vice President of Green World Group and President of Africa region, presenting the Luxury Villa Awards to the award-winning leaders


Mr. Glory Guo, General Manager of Johannesburg Branch, presenting the Best Lecturer Award of Year 2019, the Best Specialty Store Award of Year 2019, the Best Staff Award of Year 2019 to the winners

Mr. Glory Guo, General Manager of Johannesburg Branch presenting “Distributor of Year 2019” Award to Ms. Nironence Moyo
At the conference, the winners of different awards delivered their speeches and shared their successful experiences, hoping to inspire more people to join in Green World health business  and strive for the rich life and healthy body.

Left: Mr. Brian speaking as a representative of China Tour Award winner  
Right: Mr. Lufuno speaking as a representative of market development pioneers, encouraging distributors to jump out of their comfort zone to exploit new area and find a broader world.

Business Car Award winners Ms. Mmapulane Tsisi and Ms. Dimpo Rakketse giving speeches
Mrs. Magaya and Mr. James giving speeches as new promoted senior distributors
Ms. Conny and Ms. Boitu making speeches
Mrs. Kgomotso and Ms. Tendai making inspiring speeches
Mr. Chasi and Mrs. Nkomo Precious making speeches
Leader Mr. sicelo Nkiwane and his team celebrating the victory




Ms. Nironence Moyo making a speech and celebrating with her team members
The famous local stars in South Africa were also invited to the conference. Mr. Clement Maosa, a famous actor and model, acted as the host of this Award Ceremony. Meanwhile famous South African celebrities, including the winners of the South African Star Show (SA idols), were also invited to give wonderful performances. Surrounded by the beautiful lighting of the scene, the participants sang and danced enthusiastically. This conference would be unforgettable to all.


The 12th Award Ceremony of Green World South Africa Branch was a complete success. This conference was held to affirm the outstanding performance of the distributors in southern Africa of Green World in 2019 and also sounded the clarion call to march towards a greater brilliance in 2020. The Award Ceremony once again boosted the morale of distributors in southern Africa, further consolidated the brand image of Green World, and expanded the popularity and reputation of Green World. In 2020, Green World, together with new and old distributors, will create new resplendence with more enthusiasm and higher spirits.