Market News -- Green World Overseas Branches Work Together to Fight the Epidemic
2020-04-10 10:13:29

In March 2020, the novel coronavirus epidemic spread globally and the situation was grim. Governments around the world declared a state of disaster and started a blockade policy. All overseas branches of Green World were forced to close down. However, in order to stabilize the company's performance, provide services to distributors, and minimize the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic on the company, employees of each branch company have started home-based office mode.

I. African Region

1. Johannesburg branch, South Africa
On March 26, South Africa's president Ramaphosa announced the implementation of a 21-day national blockade. During the blockade, all non-essential companies, shops and individuals must work at home or be quarantined. Green World Johannesburg branch organizes employees to work at home.



Johannesburg branch also organized an online video conference attended by 50 people, calling on everyone to invite more people to participate in online training, which laid a solid foundation for stable performance during the outbreak.


2. Cape Town, South Africa
The pictures below show the employees working at home in Cape Town, South Africa.


3. Ghana branch
Ghana was announced to shut down from March 30 to April 12. The picture shows Chinese employees working in the blocked office.

4. Cameroon branch
Cameroon's local government began to shut down the city on March 30. The picture shows Chinese employees keeping on working in the office.

II. Southeast Asian Region

1. Indonesia branch
According to the requirements of local government, Indonesia branch started to work at home on March 20. At present, Indonesia branch keeps in touch with leaders and specialty stores every day. Relying on Internet media, staff in Indonesia branch produce simple, understandable and easy-to-publicize propaganda materials, and promote products together with leaders in combination with the novel coronavirus epidemic situation and business policies.


2. Myanmar branch
After the blockade announced by the government, the local employees of Myanmar branch went to work on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week, and handled business at home the rest of the time.


III. Canada branch of North America

The Canada branch has been working at home since March 25 according to the requirements of the local government. At present, the business operation can be conducted by phone or online, and the products purchased with price above 200 Canadian dollars can be mailed free of postage as of April 6.


IV. Peru branch of South America

Peru branch of South Africa is a newly opened branch. It met such a huge challenge in the early days of its opening. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all employees, Peru branch will be able to overcome difficulties and create a brighter future.



In such a serious epidemic situation, for the sake of the development and stability of the company, all employees of overseas branches, working at home or working in the office against the risk of the epidemic, contribute silently and retrograde upward. They are the hope of Green World and they are the most beautiful and warmest April of Green World.