Market Flash——Green World South Africa Cape Town Branch is Taking the Initiative to Expand the Market
2020-09-17 13:32:57

Green World South Africa Cape Town Branch is actively expanding the market and developing the team of distributors, turning the crisis into an opportunity. Even if the pandemic has not been controlled and stabilized, the Cape Town Branch is actively looking for opportunities to strengthen the learning and marketing ability of the sales team and strive to create benefits and win the space for development. During the pandemic, our company's products have played a great role in the prevention and control by improving immunity system to ensure the health of users. After investigation and statistics, our company has millions of distributors and product users in Africa, among whom, few are infected with novel coronavirus. Therefore, Green World products have been widely praised by the public. Ms. Lily, a senior distributor of Cape Town Branch, recently received a Muslim businesswoman named Issa. Through communication and on-site visit, Ms. Issa fully knew the strength and scale of Green World, the ingredients, production processes and the advantages of Green World products, as well as the halal certificate qualification. Finally, Ms. Issa purchased a large number of Green World products at one time. She was pleased to express that she would set up Green World health centers and specialty stores back home to expand the sales channels among local Muslim communities and train local sales teams, so as to share health products and health cause of Green World to everyone there.