Market Express——Zambia Branch Successfully Held Training & Incentive Meetings for High Level Distributors and Specialty Store Owners
2020-11-27 11:51:05

In order to activate the market momentum, enhance the confidence and morale of distributors, promote the exchange of operation strategies in specialty stores during the pandemic, and further strengthen the training of the products and business, especially the training of Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer, Zambia branch successfully organized training & incentive meetings for high-level distributors and specialty store owners both in Lusaka and Copperbelt, the two largest markets in Zambia, from October 29 to October 30 and from November 21 to November 22 this year respectively. The owners of specialty stores of No.001, No.011, No.014, No.015, No.018, No.027, No.045 and high-level distributors of Zambia participated in the meeting. The following are the details of the activities:

Group photo of high level distributors and specialty store owners (Lusaka)

Mr. Obby, lecturer of the Zambia branch, giving a detailed training on the company's products (Lusaka)

No. 015 specialty store owner Mr. Mbewe and No.018 specialty store owner Ms. Maureen giving detailed training on the company's business (Lusaka)

Distributor leaders and specialty store owners watching Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer training video produced by Education and Training Department (Lusaka)

Presenting awards to distributors during the meeting held in Lusaka( specialty store owners receiving the awards on behalf of distributors because of the pandemic)

The following are the activities during the meeting held in Copperbelt:

Group photo of distributors and specialty store owners during the meeting held in Copperbelt





Some award-winning distributors being presented to smart phones and 32 inch flat panel TV during the meeting held in Copperbelt.

Zambia branch actively promoted the development of the company by successfully organizing training both in Lusaka and Copperbelt under the premise of ensuring pandemic prevention and control, which greatly enhanced the confidence of distributors and promoted the exchanges between distributor leaders and specialty store owners. In order to further strengthen training on products and business, improve the morale of distributors, and play a positive role in promoting market development, Zambia branch will actively perform its duties, actively assist distributors in developing market and provide high quality services for the healthy development of the market.