Market News--2020 Annual Meeting & Party Held by Green World Angola Branch
2020-12-23 17:04:22

The year 2020 is coming to an end. Under the pandemic, Angola's economy shrinks seriously and public security becomes more unstable. As a newly developed branch in Africa, Green World Angola branch has overcome many difficulties and achieved good results in 2020.
At noon on December 12, 2020, Angola branch held a small year-end party in its office. Due to the requirements of limitation of public gatherings and epidemic prevention, only some senior distributors were invited to attend the party. At the meeting, the work in 2020 was summarized and the distributors and specialty stores with excellent performance in the whole year were commended.
Mr. Dai Liwei, general manager of Green World Angola branch, delivered a speech at the meeting. The fruitful dialogue and exchange between distributors and staff of the company were launched. Angola is a huge market with great potential. The in-depth discussions were conducted on the Angola market plan in 2021, including the support policies for specialty stores, the awards for performance improvement of specialty stores, and the market development of provinces and cities outside the capital of Angola and surrounding countries, including the Congo-Kinshasa and Congo-Brazzaville, which will contribute to the growth of Angola branch's performance in 2021.

This year, Angola branch rewarded 3 Car Awards and 3 China Tour Awards, among which, 2 Car Awards were presented to Mr. Alice Januario and his wife and all the 3 China Tour Awards were rewarded to their team members, which was a particularly outstanding achievement.

An excellent specialty store owner delivering a speech

A group photo of distributors

Lucky draw

A lucky draw was arranged in between the meeting and the lucky distributors won the company's upcoming new product package. After the meeting, a barbecue party was organized with distributors and employees singing and dancing together to celebrate the success of Angola branch. It is expected that Angola branch will achieve more excellent results in 2021.