Market News—2020 Year-End Activities of Distributors Successfully Organized by Green World Zambia and Malawian Branches
2020-12-25 11:29:16

The year 2020 is coming to an end. Green World Zambia and Malawi branches respectively organized the year-end commendation meeting of distributors in 2020. Through this meeting, the morale of distributors was boosted, the confidence of distributors in Green World business was enhanced and a good foundation was laid for the substantial improvement of market performance in 2021.

News One—Year-End Activities of Green World Zambia Branch in 2020

On December 20, 2020, Green World Zambia branch successfully organized the year-end meeting of distributors. At the meeting, Mr. Liu Xiaowei, general manager of Green World Zambia branch, summarized the work of the branch in 2020, appreciated the efforts of distributors and specialty stores, and made overall planning for the market development in 2021.
At the meeting, Mr. Liu Xiaowei, general manager of Zambia branch, commended the specialty stores and distributors who achieved excellent results in 2020. Mr. Obby, owner of No.001 specialty store, and Mr. Jerome, owner of No. 032 specialty store, were rewarded the Yearly Special Contribution Award for their outstanding contributions in the promotion of Green World Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer and the expansion of Tanzanian market. No. 015 specialty store was rewarded the Yearly Best Store Award for its excellent performance both in the sales and newcomers joining in Green World in 2020. The exquisite New Year gifts were also presented to high-level distributors and store owners, encouraging them to make better performance in the Green World platform in 2021.



Mr. Obby, owner of No.001 specialty store, winning the 2020 Special Contribution Award

Mr. Jerome, owner of No.032 specialty store, winning the Special Contribution Award of the Year 2020

No.015 specialty store winning the Best Store Award of the Year 2020


The delicious Chinese food was prepared for the participating distributors, who also brought an specially-designed cake, by Green World Zambia branch. It is expected that Zambia branch will have a prosperous future in 2021.

News Two—Year-End Activities of Green World Malawian Branch in 2020

On December 18, 2020, Green World Malawian branch successfully held the 2020 annual commendation meeting in Blantyre. The specialty stores and distributors with excellent performance in 2020 were commended. Smart phones and 32-inch flat-panel TVs were presented to distributors who won the Fast Growth Award. The Special Contribution Award of the Year 2020 was rewarded to Mrs. Mary and Mr. Victor, owners of No. 001 specialty store. The Best Store Award of the Year 2020 was rewarded to No. 010 specialty store.







The year-end activities of Zambia and Malawian branches in 2020 have achieved good results. Distributors have expressed their confidence in pushing the Green World business to a new height in 2021. We wish the two branches have better achievements next year.