Green World Diamond Club Member Series Report--Mr. DANIEL KOJO AGOKPO, Three Star Manager from Ghana Branch
2022-05-13 14:51:32


I was born on 8th January, 1979 in a town called Gamenu in the South Tongu District in the Volta Region. 
I attended Abobiri L/A Primary School in 1996 and later furthered my 
education to Junior high School at Nubesu in the Eastern Region of Ghana. As a young vibrant gentleman growing up, I held some quality positions in school during my tenure. I was the School Drummer and Compound Overseer etc. 
Due to financial challenges, I could not continue to the High School as perceived by my parents but this did not discouraged me in my career. 

With Perseverance, I worked in a lot of companies like Elli Business Communication Centre as a Receptionist, I worked there for several years, and when my abilities and hardwork came to fore, I was promoted to a Managerof the Centre. As I aimed to meet my potential, I took on new challenges and go beyond my expectations.




I was introduce to GREEN WORLD in September, 2007. I decided to welcome the idea and give it a try. Indeed I did not regret coming to Green World, with my little efforts, I got the opportunity and travelled to many countries in Africa and beyond. To mentioned a few such as China, South Africa, Nigeria, Liberia, Togo etc. 



I am a very dedication and hardworking young gentleman, within a little possible time, I won a small Car worth Ten Thousand US Dollars ($ 10,000) and achieved level 7 within one (1) year in the business, Level 8 within two (2) years in the Business and in the third year I qualified for One (1) Star Manager. From 1 Star Manager I used six (6) months to qualify for 2 Star Manager. I again won a Car worth Thirty-five Thousand US Dollars ($35,000). Business became slow for some time. Due to my hardwork, it took me six (6) years to qualify 3 Star Manager. This time, I won VILLA AWARD worth One Hundred and Fifty Thousand US Dollars 



It takes Hardwork, Dedication, Humility and Selflessness to achieve all that I have achieved today. With Green World, life become easy. 

All my achievements today, is by the grace of God, and through Green World.