Series Report on Dr. Deming Li, President of Green World Group, Visiting Green World HGW South American Region——Ecuador Branch Inspection Activities
2022-11-30 11:09:13
On November 17, 2022, Dr. Deming Li, President of Green World Group, accompanied by Jenna Li, General manager of Green World (Lishui) Biotechnology Co., LTD., visited the branch in Guayaquil, the largest city of Ecuador, from where the inspection and visit in South America formally started. Mr. Peter Li, Vice President of Green World Group and President of Green World South American Region, and Mr. Juan Carlos, manager of Green World Ecuador branch, as well as Ecuadorian distributors came to the airport with flowers and balloons to warmly welcome Dr. Deming Li.


On November 18, 2022, Dr. Deming Li, accompanied by others, visited the office of the Ecuadorian branch and consoled the employees of the branch. Manager of Ecuador Branch Juan Carlos guided Dr. Deming Li to visit the branch and reported the basic situation of the branch. Dr. Deming Li thanked the employees of the branch for their hard work and took a group photo with them. Afterwards, Dr. Deming Li visited Servientrega, a third-party warehousing and logistics company that is one of the cooperative units of HGW. Servientrega's clean and orderly storage environment and professional and efficient modern logistics and warehousing management system provided strong support and guarantee for the performance improvement of Ecuador branch.
After the visit, Dr. Deming Li went back to the hotel at noon to participate in the luncheon of diamond distributors, during which the newly upgraded diamond distributors were commended.

On the morning of November 19, 2022, more than 600 distributors attended the training activity held by Ecuador Branch in the conference hall of Sheraton Hotel. Early in the morning, the distributors queued up and entered the meeting orderly. President Dr. Deming Li first made a speech in which she expressed full recognition and gratitude to the South American region under the leadership of President Peter Li, and to the Ecuadorian distributors for their hard work. At the meeting, Mr. Mario angulo, the senior distributor leader, and his wife vivian made a wonderful sharing speech. Later, Mr. Walter, the distributor leader, and other excellent diamond distributors also shared their successful experiences, encouraging more people to follow HGW's steps to achieve success and realize their dreams.
In the afternoon, 2022 Ecuador Branch Commending Conference was held. Mr. Peter Li , President of Green World South America region, shared the core values and corporate vision of the company with the participants. Ecuadorian children presented flowers to express their blessings and gratitude to President Dr. Deming Li. On behalf of all Ecuadorian distributors, the leaders of the distributors also expressed their heartfelt gratitude to President Dr. Deming Li and Peter Li for bringing high-quality products and business development platform to the Ecuadorian people.
At the meeting, the products such as Black Tea Coffee, Berry-Gano Coffee and Gynostemma Capsule newly launched into the market were introduced in detail. The high-quality products of Green World were unanimously recognized by the participating distributors. Thanks to the high-quality products of Green World and its excellent compensation plan, the Ecuadorian distributors achieved excellent results in 2022 and were commended at the meeting. Moreover, the distributors with silver level or above were also commended. The meeting was held in an enthusiastic atmosphere. The presence of Dr. Deming Li, President of Green World Group, and Mr. Peter Li, Vice President of Green World Group, greatly encouraged the distributors who were full of enthusiasm and vigor. We believe that the Ecuadorian market performance will be greatly improved in the near future. Green World HGW will make continuous efforts and create a glorious win-win future together with distributors.

On November 20, 2022, President Dr. Deming Li successfully completed her visit to Green World Ecuador branch and left for Peru.