Series Report on Dr. Deming Li, President of Green World Group, Visiting Green World HGW South American Region——Bolivia Branch Inspection Activities
2022-12-05 11:22:21
La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, is a beautiful plateau city. With an altitude of more than 3,600 meters, it is located on the Andean plateau and is the highest capital city in the world. As one of the most important markets in South America, on November 23, 2022, Dr. Deming Li, President of Green World Group, Mr. Peter Li, Vice President of Green World Group and President of South America Region, and Jenna Li, General Manager of Green World (Lishui) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. came here. They were warmly welcomed by Bolivian distributors as soon as they arrived at the airport. Bolivian distributor leaders presented hats and shawls with local characteristics to welcome President Deming Li to visit Bolivia.
In the afternoon, Bolivian manager Gabriel arranged six local folk performances to welcome the guests from far away. The warm, passionate and exotic music and dance made everyone have a preliminary understanding of the history and culture of South America. After that, President Deming Li kindly met the local staff of the Bolivian branch and thanked everyone for their kind invitation.

The next day, the weather in La Paz was sunny, with the blue sky being dotted with white clouds. Due to the severe altitude sickness, President Deming Li entrusted President Peter Li to inspect the third-party cooperative storage company AIDISA in Bolivia. President Peter Li asked Manager JULIO CESAR and supervisor SERGIO about the storage and delivery of the products of the branch company. They discussed the existing problems in warehousing logistics and their solutions together, in order to provide efficient and accurate logistics services to satisfy customers, thus assist with Bolivia to achieve rapid growth in performance.


On the third day, Bolivian distributors organized a large-scale direct sales training. The training was conducted for primary, intermediate and high level distributors including Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and above honorable level, concerning motivation and potential, etc. President Deming Li overcame severe altitude sickness and participated in the honorary level distributor leader training activity with President Peter Li and General Manager Jenna Li, and encouraged everyone to continue to work hard and strive for better performance. President Deming Li presented gifts to the two Bolivian distributor leaders, thanked them for their hard work and efforts, and met with the team of Lideres de honor, the most promising team in Bolivia.


In the evening, about 300 honorable distributors attended the gala dinner for the second anniversary of Bolivia Branch. The banquet hall was full of colored lights. All the distributors were dressed in full costumes, including lady's sapphire blue evening dress and man's dark suit with sapphire blue tie, which showed the enterprising spirit of the Bolivian distributors and the high degree of cohesion of the distributor team. The dinner was held in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. While enjoying the delicious food, distributors communicated with each other and shared the joy of success.


On the morning of November 26, President Deming Li , President Peter Li and General Manager Jenna Li visited the local coffee shop in La Paz to conduct investigation for the global chain project of "Blue Berry Bang Bang" coffee and milk tea bakery under Green World.

In the afternoon, more than 3000 distributors from all over Bolivia gathered in Don Bosco Stadium to participate in the Bolivian branch's second anniversary celebration. In the cheers of everyone, President Deming Li, President Peter Li and General Manager Jenna Li came to the venue to witness this glorious moment together! At the meeting, President Deming Li, President Peter Li and General manager Jenna Li respectively delivered enthusiastic speeches. President Deming Li first thanked the South American distributors for their warm invitation, and affirmed the achievements made in South America under the leadership of President Peter Li, expressing that Green World would actively develop high-quality products that are more suitable for the distributors and customers of South American market, continue to serve the South American market with professional service and management. President Peter Li also encouraged everyone to be more active and strive for greater progress at the platform of Green World HGW, and promised to further consolidate the brand image of Green World HGW and expand the popularity of Green World HGW in South America. Next, the leaders and high-level distributors took the cake together on the stage to celebrate the Bolivian branch's second birthday. At the meeting, the outstanding distributors with levels of Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and above were commended, and the outstanding employees and special guests of the branch were also commended. Finally, the conference ushered in the most exciting moment - the awarding of business car awards. The award winners cheered, sang and danced to the stage, and received car keys from President Deming Li. The winners expressed gratitude to HGW for providing a platform for them to realize their dreams. The awarding of the famous car award pushed the conference to the climax repeatedly, and obtained warm applause of the whole audience. The award winners respectively went to the stage to share the joy of success. At last, the conference ended successfully with the cheers of everyone. We believed that Bolivia Branch will make more brilliant achievements in 2023.


The South American region is the latest overseas market developed by Green World. In the early stage of market development, the global outbreak of COVID-19 brought great challenges to this new market. All the management and distributor teams in the South American region overcame numerous difficulties, sought opportunities in the suffering, broke the shackles and walked out of the trough. The arrival of President Deming Li has brought great encouragement to the South American market, boosted the morale of the distributors, and made them see Green World's determination to develop the South American market, and enhanced the confidence of them. Through series of visit activities, it is more convinced that Green World is a trustworthy and respected international company with a strong sense of social responsibility. Green World will make continuous efforts on the road ahead and create a better future with partners.