Market News--Green World Group President Dr. Deming Li Visiting Green World Indonesia Market
2023-03-14 16:32:01
On March 1, 2023, Dr. Deming Li , President of Green World Group, accompanied by others, came to visit the Indonesian market. Indonesia is the first overseas market developed by Green World Group. In recent years, due to the epidemic and new changes in the local direct sales environment, the operation of the Indonesia branch has encountered great obstacles. In order to boost the morale of distributors and further know the operation situation of the branch, this visit was specially arranged by President Deming Li.

After President Deming Li came to the Indonesian branch, she had several rounds of discussions with Indonesian high-level distributor leaders who actively communicated with President Deming Li about the problems and difficulties encountered in the current market and the confusion in development of market. Dr. Deming Li made a detailed record of the problems raised by distributors and promised to discuss the solutions to the problems with everyone. In view of the emerging online sales and other new models in the Indonesian market, President Deming Li encouraged distributors to open their minds, use social media, Internet and other new models to actively promote the business of Green World, and develop overseas market based on Indonesia, use the international large platform of Green World to develop the network. Finally, Dr. Deming Li and the distributors discussed the development direction of Indonesia branch in the new period and looked forward to the bright prospects of the branch. President Deming Li encouraged everyone to believe in the company, believe in the original choice, and strengthen the confidence in Green World business.



During the three days in Indonesia, President Deming Li and Mr. Hongbin Li, President of Green World South American region, introduced the Blue Bang Bang milk tea project that will be promoted globally in 2023. Mr. Hongbin Li gave a detailed analysis of the advantages of the win-win system and the outstanding performance and achievements of the win-win system in South American market.

Encouraged by Dr. Deming Li and Mr. Hongbin Li, the management team and senior distributor leaders of  Indonesia expressed that they will work together to make brilliant performance in the new situation.