News about Green World Group Vice President and South American Region President Mr. Li Hongbin Visiting Nanjing Production Base
2023-03-02 15:40:45
On February 27, 2023, Mr. Li Hongbin, Vice President of Green World Group and President of South American Region, visited Nanjing Production Base. He was warmly welcomed by Dr. Deming Li , President of Green World Group, Ms. Jenna Li, general manager of Nanjing Lishui Biotechnology Co., LTD., and colleagues of Nanjing production base.

Led by President Deming Li , President Li Hongbin visited the exhibition hall on the first floor of the new office building. According to the organizational structure of the company, the exhibition hall consists of six parts including African region, Eurasian region, Southeast Asian region and South Asian region, North American region, South American region and China region. The development history and the wonderful moments of annual meeting and award meeting of each region were presented through pieces of pictures, exhibits and exotic gifts, showing Green World's contribution to the local economic prosperity and the improvement of people's health level, and also reflecting the profound cultural deposits and brand value of Green World Group.

After that, President Li Hongbin came to the bubble tea business promotion Department to learn about the bubble tea project that will be promoted globally in 2023. He personally participated in the process of bubble tea brewing and dessert baking, which will play a positive role in the promotion of bubble tea project in South America. It is believed that Green World South America will make more brilliant achievements in 2023.