The 1st Green World Group “Lan Bang Bang” Bubble Tea Training Session Successfully Held
2023-04-10 17:15:55
Green World Group has been deeply engaged in the blueberry industry for 30 years. As the leader of deep processing technology of blueberry, Green World Group is devoted to making more people benefit from blueberry products. In 2018, "Blue Bang Bang" health product chain project was launched. "Lan Bang Bang" products select natural, organic and fresh ingredients as the raw materials, focuses on product taste and nutrition, guides customers to have a healthy lifestyle, and to enjoy the happiness of life.

The "Lan Bang Bang" bubble tea project adopts the franchise chain model of traditional industry. On March 13, 2023, "Lan Bang Bang" Brand Launch Conference was held in Nanjing. Everyone actively participated in the project. After strict review and detailed investigation, the list of the first group of franchisees and the store addresses was confirmed. On March 25, 2023, the first "Lan Bang Bang" bubble tea training session of Green World Group was held in Nanjing production base as scheduled. During the training, the trainees systematically learned the basic knowledges about store management, product, equipment and other practical operations. After the training, they have basically mastered the knowledge and skills to open the "Lan Bang Bang" bubble tea store. everyone all expressed that they have benefited a lot from the training, which will lay a solid theoretical foundation for the smooth opening and operation of the "Lan Bang Bang" bubble tea store in the near future.

At the completion ceremony, Jiena Li, general manager of Nanjing Lishui Biotechnology Co., LTD., who is also in charge of the "Lan Bang Bang" bubble tea project, presented the completion certificates to the trainees. The first group of trainees who successfully passed the training will become the new force for the promotion and development of "Lan Bang Bang" bubble tea project in China.

During March of 2023, Green World regional presidents and general managers of overseas branches also took the opportunity to return to China for vacation and came to Nanjing production base to attend the training of "Lan Bang Bang" bubble tea project, including Mr. Li Hongbin, Vice President of Green World Group and President of South American Region, Mr. Huang Shangren, general manager of Cape Town Branch in South Africa, Mr. Huang Shangwen, general manager of Durban Branch in South Africa, etc. Systematic learning and training will also play a positive role in promoting the global promotion of the "Lan Bang Bang" bubble tea project.