Market News of Green World Sudan Branch Training Rally
2023-04-11 09:48:59

Green World Sudan Branch, as one of the relatively new setup branch in the northeastern of Africa, has came up with the rapid growth of new registered distributors with the growing sales, as Sudan market has started embracing the wonderful benefits of Green World products and pioneering the new online network marketing business concept in the region. 
To strengthen the skills and knowledge of the distributors, Green World Sudan Branch has invited Mr. Budiman Prasetyo, the Training Director of African Region, to Sudan to provide a serial of network marketing business trainings to strengthen Green World Sudan team leaders and distributors.


Green World Sudan leaders and distributors welcoming Mr. Budiman at head office in Khartoum
Before the training rallies start, Green World Sudan Branch held the first Annual Award Celebration on 4th of March 2023 attended by the President of Green World African Region Mr. David Zhang, together with the General Manager of Green World Sudan Branch, Mr. Stephen Li. Around 1,000 Green World leaders and distributors attended the event and celebrate the Awards Achievers.

Green World Sudan First Annual Award Celebration, 4th of March 2023
After concluding all the celebration event, Green World Sudan branch are ready with the training rally which starts from 7th of March 2023. The training program starts with the Compensation Plan training, as Mr. Budiman was giving the details of the compensation plan, the bonus calculation, the terms and conditions to achieve awards, and the effective and efficient working strategies based on the compensation plan. All training participants has been enlighten with the detail training of the compensation plan and they are ready to maximize their efforts in building their Green World network marketing business and to achieve more awards in near future.

Mr. Budiman deliver the compensation plan training
On the 8th of March, Mr. Budiman was giving the training of “Dare to Dream, Set your Goals and Plan the Work”. Encouraging leaders and distributors to Dream Big, then how to convert their dreams to become Goals with time limit and based on the set goals Mr. Budiman explained clearly how to make a detail work plan to achieve the goals and build the network.

The trainings came to practical as the participants told to be seated based with their own team leader, then each team was being told to write down each member target and goals, and start to discuss among each team on how to set the working plan to achieve their goals. The trainings become more fun and focusing on each team development with their upline and leaders.




The enjoyment of the training has increased the communication and teamwork qualities among each team, create stronger bond within each team and it will become a good foundation to each team building and teamwork to achieve their targets and goals which at overall will bring the better performance of the business growth of Green World Sudan branch.
9th of March 2023, Sudan branch training rally continues with the topic of Skills for Your Success, include the basic skills for beginner, mid-level skill for medium level leader and advance leader skills. Skills like finding prospect, how to invite, follow up and closing techniques, time management, setting target and working plan, network management skills and leadership skills have been shared to strengthen our Sudanese Leaders and Distributors to have more advantage skills to compete in the market.

11th March 2023, the enjoyment continues with the training of How to Become a Good Presenter, showing the good techniques of doing presentation in big crowd, how to break the ice, how to change the atmosphere, how to bring the audience drown into the joy of our Green World Business presentation. A new experience of knowledge and on stage skills has enriched our Sudanese leaders and distributors. The training continues with the screening process of Sudanese presenter, as the host start calling each registered presenter to present Green World OPP on the stage, one by one starts to perform their presentation and public speaking skills, and some prefer to perform as a motivational MC which make a full team of Presenters for Green World Sudan Branch


Green World Sudan Presenters during the screening process

The full team of Sudanese Presenter has been selected and start practicing presenting the OPP presentation with supervision from Mr. Budiman. The Mega OPP event schedule has been set, within the few days left the presenters keep practicing their on-stage performance to assure the event shall be delivered successfully.

Green World Sudan training rally continues with the Leadership training by Mr. Budiman, including the 6 keys of attitude and behaviors of successful leaders. Guiding Sudanese leaders and distributors to have a good leadership model to lead their team to bigger and higher success. 



On Saturday, 18th of March 2023, at Sky City 1 Hall Complex, Khartoum, Green World Sudan Branch held the first Mega OPP event, with the estimation of 200 people are coming and follow the presentation of Green World Company Profile, Product Introduction and Business Opportunity presentation. The Mega OPP runs by Sudanese Presenter Team, includes the 2 products demos of Green World Blueberry Juice and Smilife Sanitary Napkin, and the success sharing of South African Tour Winner, and the Business Car Award Winner of 2023.


The event starts with motivational MC, Mr. Abubakar, the continue with Green World Company Profile presentation by Mrs. Awatif. The Green World Products Presentation delivered by Mrs. Sawsan, enrich with Green World Blueberry Juice product demo by Mr. Musab, then continue with another product demo of Smilife Sanitary Napkin.


Mrs. Sawsan presenting the Green World Products Introduction, with Mr. Musab joining the presentation 

With Green World Blueberry Juice Demo, And Green World Smilife Sanitary Napkin demo.

The Mega OPP continues with motivation speech my Mr. Yousif Omer, one of the leader from Darfoor, Western Sudan, and then the announcement from the management of the winner of Tuktuk Promotion Award and China Tour Award. 



The excitement of the audience to Green World Sudan Mega OPP

Mr. Budiman presenting the China Tour Award to newly qualifier
Green World Business Opportunity session presented by young talented trainer Mr. Ahmed, as he has successfully impressed the audience for the business opportunity provided by Green World Sudan.


Mr. Ahmed, the young talented presenter, deliver the business opportunity presentation

The business opportunity presentation enriched with the success sharing of South African Tour winners, Mr. Omar, Mrs. Ilham, and Mrs. Amal, then continue with the success sharing of Car Award winners, Mrs. Nahid and Mr. Amir. All the award winners sharing have boosted the trust and morale for the new comer and prospects to join Green World business and start their network marketing career together with Green World Sudan.

Car Award Winners, Mrs. Nahid and Mr. Amir sharing their success journey with Green World Sudan
Green World Sudan Mega OPP has been successfully delivered by Sudanese local presenters, the arrangement and well coordination of the event, trained and supervised by Mr. Budiman, has brought up lots of confident within the management, leaders, and distributors of Green World Sudan to a promising brighter future of Green World in Sudan and northern African Region.