Green World International South Africa 2023 Awarding Conference Successfully Held
2023-12-19 17:02:01
On the morning of December 9, 2023, Green World International South Africa 2023 Annual Awarding Conference was held at the famous National Entertainment Centre NASREC in Johannesburg. More than 1500 excellent distributors from different regions of South Africa and  other over 10 countries in Africa, including Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Congo  participated in the event.





Mr. Huang Shangwen, General manager of Durban Branch in South Africa, delivered a welcome speech to the guests, welcoming Green World family members to gather together to celebrate the harvest moment after sweat.

Mr. David L. Zhang, Vice President of Green World Group and president of Green World African Region, delivered a speech, in which he expressed his sincere gratitude to all distributors for their hard work, summed up the positive impact of the development of Green World African region on various African countries and governments in the past, and looked forward to the 30th anniversary of Green World in the New Year and a series of activities for the new market of the United States, calling on everyone to work hard and create more splendid achievements.
There were totally 8 items of award were presented on the conference, and a total of 234 excellent distributors were awarded. Among them, 30 people won "Green World International South Africa Specialty Store Fast Growth Award", 23 people won "Green World International South Africa Market Development Award", 101 people won "Green World International Tour China Trip Award", 20 people won "Green World Business Car  Award", 32 people won  "Green World International South Africa Luxury Cruise Award”, and 3 people won "Green World International South Africa Luxury International Tour Award", one people won "Green World Three Star Director Award", one people won the award of “Green World Star of the Year 2023”.




The winners are extremely excited, with bright smiles, they were singing and dancing in the venue, to celebrate the joy and success together. 




The winners respectively went to the stage to made speeches, sharing their own experience of success. As one and another lively and affective stories were presented, thunderous applause rised in the venue again and again. Through efforts, Green World  has changed the fate of countless people and made countless families regain the happiness. Green World has been in Africa for 16 years, and it is still full of vitality and shows a stronger momentum of development. 





At the end of the meeting, Mr.Glory Guo, general manager of Johannesburg branch in South Africa, gave a motivational speech on the topic of HARDWORK PAYS, HARDWORK LEADS, HARDWORK CHANGES. He combined his own story, personal experience and what he saw and heard, talked about how all colleagues of Green World  work hard, forge ahead and achieve success, called on everyone to work together in the new year to achieve more splendid achievements.
Green World South Africa 2023 Annual Award conference ended successfully in the singing, dancing and laughter of all distributors. With passion and dreams, Green World Business Partners will spread hope, success, health and wealth to every corner of the world. Welcome more forward-looking business partners who yearn for a healthy life to Green World which will witness more and more people achieving success on their roads of growth. Green World will  thrive continuously on the land of Africa!



The conference also arranged the folk dance with local characteristics, and the wonderful performances of the artists pushed the  atmosphere of the conference to a climax again.


After the conference, Green World South Africa organized a gala dinner for the winners. At the banquet, everyone frequently raised their glasses to celebrate the success together and applauded for the bright future of Green World!



Wish Green World South Africa continued success in 2024 and a new brilliant year!