Market News——Green World Zambia Branch Conducting“GW Detox and Sliming Camp”Activity
2024-04-12 19:22:59
From March 27 to 29, 2024, Green World International Business School and Green World Zambia Branch jointly held a three-day "GW Detox and Sliming Camp" at the Emperor Hotel in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.
According to different physical conditions, different nutritious meals were customized for participants. With the assistance of Green World products such as Fresh Drink ChangJingJing, In-Cleansing Tea, Blueberry Super Nutrition and Chitosan Capsule, the training was carried out in combination with traditional Chinese meridian dancing and body-building exercises. In the training process, our trainers patiently answered the questions raised by participants, and provided scientific and feasible solutions to guide them to lose weight healthily and safely. The trainees actively participated all the activities in the warm atmosphere.
After three days of joint efforts, each participant has obtained different degrees of weight loss effect. Among them, two participants lost weight significantly. Madam.Pamela lost 6 kilograms (from 91.3kg to 85.4kg) and Madam.Melania lost 4 kilograms (from 84.3kg to 80.2kg), and their waist circumference was reduced by 4cm.
To celebrate the successful holding of the weight loss camp and the pleasing effect it has obtained, as well as to thank the participants for their recognition of the weight loss camp activities. Green World Zambia branch prepared the award ceremony at the end of the camp, and Mr. Liu Xiaowei, General Manager of Zambia Branch personally presented the honorary certificate to the participants.