The New Thriving Project -- "Blue Berry Bang Bang" Tea Shop:The First Shop in Madagascar, Africa Officially Opened!
2024-04-23 09:29:12
With the development of the new thriving project "Blue Berry Bang Bang" tea shop in the African region, the flagship market of Green World Group, more and more tea shops gradually opened in the local African market. On the morning of April 18, 2024, through preparation of several months, the first "Blue Berry Bang Bang"  tea shop in Madagascar was officially opened. On the same day, Mr. Bruce Huang, general manager of Green World South Africa Cape Town Branch, and Ms. Chen Ya, general manager of Green World Madagascar Branch, attended the opening ceremony with all staff of the branch and distributor leaders. With warm atmosphere, guests and vistors filled up all the seats.


The shop is located in the office building of Madagascar Branch. Everyone visited the tea shop in detail, throug which they knew the nutritional value of "blue berry bang bang" tea drinks and the operation philosophy of the shop. The taste and nutritional value were highly praised by everyone.


Mr. Kavin, Marketing manager of Madagascar Branch, introduced various types of tea drinks for everyone in detail, and warmly invited everyone to taste blueberry candy and blueberry cookies. Then, he said that "blue berry bang bang" tea drinks can not only provide dine-in services, but also provide take-out services. 
After the visit, the specialty store owner Ms.Maholy who participated in the opening ceremony, clearly expressed her strong recognition and confidence in the tea shop, saying that she will also apply to open the "Blue Berry Bang Bang" tea shop in June this year.
The person in charge of the Madagascar branch clearly expressed that various series of "Blue Berry Bang Bang"new products such as milk shake, fruit tea and ice cream will be gradually launched into the market to achieve diversification of product types and meet different consumer needs. At the same time, Green World will strictly control the quality of products, create high-quality tea drinks, and strive to become a high-end brand in Madagascar.
Green World Group attached great importance to the development of the overseas market of "Blue Berry Bang Bang" tea shop, and devoted in the product research and development and market operation. As three "Blue Berry Bang Bang" tea shops recently opened in Cape Town of South Africa, series of tea drinks products with blueberry health drinks as the featured product were gradually expanded into the overseas market and thus building a business network.
"Blue Berry Bang Bang" shop in Cape Town
It is believed that "Blue Berry Bang Bang" tea shop will achieve more brilliant results in overseas markets and bring more high-quality products to global consumers with the unremitting efforts of everyone!