The Exhibitions of Waterson Micro-electrolysis Water Maker Win Compliment
2008-08-19 20:00:00

The Cameroon branch totally held three exhibitions of new products in August to display Green World Waterson Micro-electrolysis Water Maker to distributors incessantly.
During the exhibitions, the branch administrator Mr. Greens Pan showed the magic function of the water maker to the distributors through the decomposition experiment of oil and water and introduced the maker in detail. Through years of research by the Green World research institute, this new product is developed to change the acid constitution of human body into alkaline constitution by changing the acidity and alkaline of daily drinking water. The latest biology shows that the acid constitution is one of the main factors of organ aging, over fatigue, weakened immunity and obesity.

The three exhibitions won lots of compliment and always got applause from time to time. All the distributors were optimistic to this new product and awarded it a resounding Cameroon name: Green World Magic Cup and placed orders with the branch actively.