The Minister of the Interior of Ghana Visited Green World (Ghana) Branch
2008-10-10 20:00:00

The minister of the Interior of Ghana with other four officials together paid a visit to Green World (Ghana) branch on 3th, october, 2008. Mr. Shaocheng Chen, the general manager of West Africa area and the manager of Ghana branch, welcomed them in person with the company of some Chinese staff and parts of top distributors. The minister saw the products and inquired about the functions first and he got interested in our products such as: Chitosan Capsule, Malapower Capsule, Deep Sea Fish Oil, Cordyceps Plus Capsule and Concentrated Lecithin Softgel after seeing the products display pictures and listening to the products explanation, then he asked for some of the products for himself to take. Later, a business affair talk was took among Mr, Shaocheng Chen, the minister and other officials, on which Mr. Minister sang high praise to Green World health business. After the talk, our Chinese staff and top distributors with Mr. Minister and other officials together posed for pictures.

Mr. Shaocheng Chen and Mr. Minister with the distributors together posed for pictures

Mr. Shaocheng Chen accompanied the Minister and the other officials to visit the branch in person