Share Joy, Create Splendour Together -------the BBS Conference Grandly Convened in the Green World International Cameroon Branch
2008-10-24 20:00:00

A large-scale BBS conference of Green World International Cameroon Branch grandly convened in the starred hotel AKWA PALACE in the beautiful port city Duala on Sep. 20th, 2008.
Because of the strong brand power of the Green World, because of the good corporate image of abiding by the commitments, because of the miracle in this industry created by the Green World in short time, people rushed into the hall to share joy with the Green World together.  

The meeting house with the capability of 500 people was packed out, all the people were exited and eager to witness the miracle from Green World!

The Cameroon branch manager Mr. Andy Hu said emotively in his speech: One year before, we declared here that the Green World formally enter the Cameroon market, one year later, we gather together here again. One year time, just a piece of spoondrift in the long river of history. One year has passed, leave aging for common people, but it is a marvellous year for people in the Green World! We created incomparably achievement by arduous work: nearly 50 people get the Fast-growing Prize, more than 10 people get International Travelling Prize, five people get Car Prize and also the establishment of the Million Club... He called on all the people to work together to create greater achievement in the future.   
The prize winners, who invited to attend this conference, with their own experiences, passionately shared with the audiences the joy and passion they've got from the Green World, pushed the conference to its peak ceaselessly.

The winner of the International Travelling Prize Mr Jean Paul Kuate shared with the audiences every details of his travelling in China, showed the old and civilized China and the friendly Green World people to them.

Four winners of Car Prize shared with others the different lives that the Green World brought to them.

This conference leave us more than joy, more and more people expect to join the Green World to create more splendour!
On Oct. 25, the Cameroon branch will hold grand award ceremony in the capital city Yaounde with more than 3,000 people together. Please wait expectantly!