The 2nd Lecturer Training and Selection Seminar of Green World (DRC) Successfully Convened
2008-11-12 20:00:00
The 2nd Lecturer Training and Selection Seminar of Green World (DRC) successfully convened in September 1st, 2008, which lasted for two months, to enhance the building of lecturers team and establish superior quality training system. The enrollment work began at the end of the August and all the distributors whole-heartedly took part in this activity. After initial selection, 15 candidates got the chance of attending the two months' systematic training held in September 1st, which is to aim at promoting the candidates. In October 31st, this activity witnessed its peak - the lecturer selection competition, in which 10 candidates got the qualification to attend the last selection.
In October 31st, with the shining sun, all the attendees and the candidates dressed up and the hall was brimming with excitement and hope. The competition was officially opened with the splendid presentation presented by Mr. Du, who is the Green World (DRC) branch manager. The whole speech won prolonged applause from the distributors, which expressed gratitude to the present guests, showed the blueprint of the training system of the branch to the attendees and also conveyed the good will of the Green World (DRC) of settling and developing in Democratic Republic of Congo. 

The manager is giving address
Then the 10 candidates went upon the stage one by one to show their charms and exhibit their ability. During the Q&A time, all the attendees exchanged opinions and experiences, which motivated the interactions and thoughts between the candidates and the lecturers.

the lecturers

  enthralled with the lectures                            interaction between the lecturers and the judges
The distributors who just enjoyed the International Trip Reward were invited to share their travelling feeling and successful experience during the competition, which pushed the activity to another peak.

The International Trip Reward winner is sharing his travelling feeling
The conference lasted to PM. 5 at that day, without tiredness, all the attendees were excited and 8 of them passed the test successfully after the vote of all the judges and got the Green World Lecturers Certificates presented by branch manager. The activity was successfully concluded with the conferment of the last certificate.
Fair and open vote

Certified lecturers

All the attendees said goodbye to each other under the beautiful sun glow, they firmly believe the business they chose and thirst for growing and sharing the promising future with Green World together.