Green World (Lishui) Biotechnological Co., Ltd. was Established in the Agricultural Silicon Valley in Lishui
2010-03-24 20:00:00
    On the morning of 17th March 2010, in the Agricultural Silicon Valley Park of Lishui County colorful flags flutter everywhere, fireworks blossom on the sky of the park, guests and friends come all the way to the site. Mr. Chen Weijian, deputy mayor of Nanjing, Mr. Yan Shaohua, director of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Science, Mr. Liu Zhaojin, deputy director of professional ocean biological engineering committee of Chinese Society for Oceanography and leaders from Lishui County, together with Dr. Deming Li, President of Green World Group, Mr. David Zhang, Vice President of Green World Group, Mr. Zhang Hong, Manager of Green World Namibia, Ms. Kang Hongyu, Manager of Green World Durban, Mr. Ji Yansheng, Manager of Green World Indonesia, Mr. Budiman Prasetyo and Ms. Manis, excellent distributors from Indonesia and excellent distributors from Nigeria, come to the park to celebrate the establishment of Green World (Lishui) Biotechnological Co., Ltd. Relevant leaders gave speeches on the foundation-laying ceremony to extend their congratulations on the establishment of Green World (Lishui) Biotechnological Company. Mr. Budiman from Indonesia and Ms. Ngozi from Nigeria also represented the distributors to give speeches on the spot.
    American Green World Group established World (Tianjin) Nutrition & Health Food Company in Tianjin in 1997 which became a leading enterprise in Tianjin health food industry. The company has powerful economic strength and has a wide scientific, research and innovative platform.
In 2009, Green World Group investigated Lishui County and decided to establish a comprehensive international first-class gardening ecological demonstration company based on the opportunity of Lishui Agricultural Silicon Valley and the special resources of Baima Town of Lishui County. The company will integrate the development of modern biotechnological industry, research and development of world hi-tech health food and deep processing of organic agricultural products together. Today the establishment of Green World (Lishui) Biotechnological Company is an important layout in Chinese health food industry and will become a new economic growth point in the Group. Green World (Lishui) Biotechnological Company will make use of the local unpolluted land and water resources reasonably in a scientific way and will cooperate with the surrounding academies to produce better products for customers. We will continue to give full play of our ¡¡ãpeople-oriented, honesty first¡¡À enterprise spirit to realize our lofty ideal of ¡¡ãhealth creating a powerful nation and bringing benefits to people¡¡À. The estimated period to finish the whole project will be 2-3 years, the whole area of the project is near 100,100m2 and estimated investment will reach RMB 0.3 billion. The company will further move forward the development of local society and economy.
    Green World Group also plans to establish a manufacturing base of high-end products such as pure natural beverage, medicine, cosmetic, perfume and essence. Meanwhile, the Group plans to build an industrial park on the basis of Lishui organic fruit planting area, which will integrate organic fruit planting, medical germchit cultivating and medical planting, processing and selling to form an international high-end biotechnological industrial base.
Mr. Budiman¡¯s Speech on the Foundation-laying Ceremony
Good morning,
My dear best friends and family members of Green World,
We came from Indonesia, a country which is known as gemstone of the horizon, a place which is rich of culture and beautiful sites. But we came here as the part of Green World family.
The cold weather of China has been warmed up by the warm welcome and smiles of all Green World¡¯s family members.
First of all we would like to thank to Dr. Deming Li, as the president of Green World Group. We would like to thank manager Ji who has invited us to today¡¯s great event. The grand launching ceremony of Green World new factory, new production site underlines a higher step of Green World efforts towards greater success in near future.
The new production site in Nanjing has proved that Green World has achieved a mature developed nutrition company which is ready to serve greater health to all people in every corner of the world.
By meeting Green World Nigeria top leaders, it also has proved that Green World has the power to give more healthy life and to give more prosperity of life.
Congratulation Green World; Congratulation Dr. Li;
Congratulation Green World Nigeria; Congratulation Green World Africa;
Congratulation Green World.
In this precious moment, I may say that this is not an end of our journey. It is a new beginning to our greater success. It¡¯s a new beginning for all of us to help more people to get better health and wealth.
Stand up and let¡¯s do it. Help more people. Care more people. Love more people. Can we do it? Yes, we can.
Let us unite the world within our beloved Green World.
Thank you. God bless you. God bless Green World.
Ms. Ngozi¡¯s Speech on the Foundation-laying Ceremony
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,
My name is Uzoukion Frances Ngozi.
I am an international distributor of Green World. I am from Nigeria and based in Lagos. I started Green World business in September 2007, with only four people in my network as my partners. But today my business network has grown to almost 20,000 distributors in the whole team. Green World is a family business that has come to create health and wealth for all and also to achieve a good future through its wonderful and effective supplements. I started this Green World business as an ordinary independent distributor. But through hard work, trust and focus on the Green World business I qualified for the company Free International Trip and in December 2007 I traveled abroad with the company. And one month later, in January 2008 I also became a 7 star distributor in Green World, thereby qualifying for the company Small Car Award. With these I became more encouraged and worked harder with my partners. And in July 2008 I also produced 3 more star 7 distributors in my team and that also made me a star 8 distributor.
The zeal to grow higher in the Green World business became more evident and together with my partners we worked harder. And in February 2009, my 7 stars became 8 star (two of them) and I became a 1 star manager in Green World and started earning the Green World Global Turnover. In June 2009, I produced another 8 star in my network and that took me to another level and I became a 2 star manager qualifying for the Big Care Award in Green World. And with a lot of encouragement from Mr. David Zhang in South Africa, Miss. Lisa in Nigeria and Mr. Chen in Ghana, we marketed the Green World more and more and with that effort I also rose to a 3 star manager in the business of Green World. This also made me to be their first ever 3 star global manager in the business of Green World. I want to thank our lovely President Dr. Deming Li for their vision and bringing wonderful business opportunities to all of us. I also want to appreciate all the African distributors especially the Nigerians. They are all great people and very special. I also want to use this chance to draw the attention of the Chinese government and all our wonderful guests today to support this great company Green World, for it is a company with vision, a company that has create to great health and wealth for all.
Thank you.