Traveling-- China Trip of Green World Nigeria and Cameroon Distributors
2011-12-14 20:00:00

On Dec. 8, after the Green World Nigeria and Cameroon distributors ended their visit in the headquarters, they began their joyful trip, accompanied by the translator and relevant staff of Green World Group.
On that day, the distributor friends arrived at Badaling Great Wall. When everyone climbed to the top of the mountain, their visions were suddenly enlightened. The Great Wall is toweringly winding on lofty mountains and high ranges, which spontaneously makes people think about the magnificent feat of building Great Wall and gives them great motivations. The distributors breathed fresh air and saw the Great Wall winding and circling among the valleys like a giant dragon, now appearing and now disappearing. They were so excited that they all picked up their cameras to record the grand view before their eyes.
In the next few days, the distributors visited Tian An Men and the Summer Palace, in which they felt the classic and modern combination and can¡¯t help becoming excited. A single brick and tile, every tree and bush in the Summer Palace and the onetime grand garden aroused the huge interests of the distributors and made them amazed at how extensive and profound the 5,000 years of Chinese culture was!
On the last day, the distributors came to Xiushui Street for shopping, in which they felt the hospitality of Chinese people, the delicacy and abundance of Chinese goods and the modern skyscrapers of Beijing, ect. All of these strongly attracted every distributor and left them wonderful memories. 
The travel in China came to an end in the cheers and laughter of the distributors, even though they were reluctant to leave. Through this activity, the excellent distributors got together in the headquarters of Green World Group and experienced Chinese culture themselves. In the whole process, the distributors not only experienced the powerful strength of Green World Group, but also fully felt the warmth of the big family of Green World!