The Fourth Awarding Conference of Green World International Nigeria Branch was Successfully Held
2011-12-14 20:00:00
On Nov. 19, 2011, the Fourth Awarding Conference of Green World Nigeria Branch was grandly held in CULTURE CENTRE, the famous conference centre of Calabar, the capital city in CROSS RIVER STATE of Nigeria. Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World Group, Mr. David Zhang, vice president of Green World Group and president of African region, Mr. Xifeng Lu, president of South Asian region, Ms. Yuxue Zhang, general manager of Calabar Branch, Mr. Charlies Qiu, general manager of Abuja Branch, Mr. Lizheng Jia, general manager of Lagos Branch and the whole staff of Nigeria Calabar Branch attended the conference. Senator (Dr.) Liyel Imoke, governor of CROSS RIVER STATE, lieutenant governor of CROSS RIVER STATE, a Member of the Congress, the police chief, the Obong of Calabar, the chairman of Emirate Association were invited to this grand conference. Besides, more than 5000 distributors from different places of Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Gambia, South Africa, etc. were invited to this grand conference by wearing their finest clothes, singing and dancing.
On the afternoon of Nov. 18, Mr. David Zhang, vice president of Green World and president of African region, and the distributor representatives of Calabar greeted Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World, Mr. Xifeng Lu, president of South Asian region, and his team at the airport. Distributors waved the flags at the airport, which showed their extreme love to Green World and Green World products.
Accompanied by Mr. David Zhang, vice president of Green World and president of African region, and the distributors, Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World, went out of the airport.
Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World, took a group photo with distributors at the hotel she lived.
The sky was blue on that day, there were huge crowd of people outside CULTURE CENTRE, and all seats were occupied in it. Many mainstream media, such as national TV station and newspaper, etc. gathered in VIP restroom to interview Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World, Mr. David Zhang, vice president of Green World and president of African region, and Mr. Xifeng Lu, president of South Asian region.



At 12:00 at noon, MS. EFONG, the famous host of Nigeria Calabar TV station CRBC, announced the beginning of the conference formally. Escorted and guided by Nigerian national dancing team, surrounded by enthusiastic distributor representatives, Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World, Mr. David Zhang, vice president of Green World and president of African region, and Mr. Xifeng Lu, president of South Asian region, and the invited guests entered the conference hall solemnly, and then all of the present distributors stood up and applauded.
After the solemn national anthems of Nigeria, P.R.C. and USA, Ms. Yuxue Zhang, general manager of Calabar Branch, gave a speech of welcome, in which she expressed her thanks to president Li, president Zhang, president Lu, governor of the state, lieutenant governor of the state and the local VIP for their coming and her thanks to Nigerian distributors for their hard work these years. On behalf of all Nigeria Branches, she also introduced the development and future development plan of Green World in Nigeria to the present people.
Afterwards, Mr. Zhang, vice president of Green World, gave a speech. He firstly introduced the development of Green World since it entered Africa, then shared the achievements made by South Africa Branch, Nigeria Branch, etc. through these year's rapid development, introduced 5000 years' Chinese culture of health preserving, and explained the core competency of Green World. President Zhang solemnly promised that as a responsible corporate citizen, Green World will share the fortune and wealth with the world once its mission accomplished, and continue devoting ourselves to Nigeria philanthropy. He also solemnly declared that Kano Branch, the fourth branch in Nigeria, would be built soon and was planed to open in 2012, which would provide services to the distributors in the North of Nigeria. As hearing the news, the distributors cheered thunderously and warmly welcomed this momentous decision. This was another milestone in the development of Green World in Nigeria.
Then, guided by Miss Etiquette, with the audiences standing up, Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World, went to the stage and gave her theme speech in the audiences' applauses. First of all, on behalf of Green World Group and branch offices of different countries, she warmly welcomed the distributors to attend this conference. Meanwhile, she pointed out that the development speed of Green World in African market was surprising. More than 350, 000 distributors have joined Green World marketing team within few years. In Africa, we have organized free international tour of more than 1000 people totally and issued awards of more than 500 business cars, 20 luxury cars and three luxury villas within three years. In Nigeria, 181 excellent distributors truly won business cars for their great achievement only in the year of 2011. Meanwhile, the booming development of Green World had spread to European and Middle East countries. With the establishment of Ukraine Branch in Sep. 2010 and Pakistan Branch in Jan. 2011, Green World was spreading health concept from the perspective of globalization. It was believed that we would make greater achievements in the future. Finally, president Li thanked Nigerian distributors for their support and great kindness for Green World and stated that Green World Group would develop and invest better and longer in Nigeria.
Chinese and Nigerian mixed-race children wore their finest clothes to present flowers to President Deming Li.
Mr. Xifeng Lu, president of South Asian region, chairman of Nigeria collegiate church and senior distributors from Pakistan and Ghana respectively gave their speeches, heartily admired and praised the great achievement gained by Nigerian distributors, and hoped that Green World Group would make great achievement again in Africa.
Senator (Dr.) Liyel Imoke, the CROSS RIVER STATE governor, joyfully went onto the stage to deliver a speech in the warm applauses of the participants. In this speech, he affirmed the impressive performances Green World had obtained in the southeast region of Nigeria, highly appreciated the outstanding contribution Green World had made for the economic development and unemployment problem solving of this state and the whole Nigeria, marveled at the magnificent feat that Green World had rewarded distributors with 181 cars within one year, and showed sincere thanks for it. He solemnly declared that, the government would offer more support for Green World Group and the necessary assistance and convenience for the development in Nigeria in the days to come. The speech of the governor greatly motivated all the Nigeria distributors.  
Afterwards, the business cars were about to be issued! With the local dynamic national dance, a brand new Chevrolet was slowly driven to the center of the stage with the horn sounded. The conference hall became seething at once. On this day, at this moment, 181 Nigeria distributors would win the business car awards here and more than 5000 people would witness this great moment in the industry!     


Dr. Deming Li, the president of the Group, and Senator (Dr.) Liyel Imoke, the state governor, specially issued the honorary certificates and car keys for 23 car award winners of Nigeria Calabar branch. Since it was established, Calabar branch had obtained delightful achievement and won the recognition and respect of local people within only one year.
After that, Mr. David Zhang, the vice-president of the Group and president of African region, the lieutenant governor of CROSS RIVER STATE, Mr. Luke, the president of South Asian region and VIP participants issued prizes for the car award winners successively.
The prize-winners danced along with the music and the applause and cheers off the stage were here and there. The distributors excitedly said: "there are no other companies in Nigeria or even in the whole Africa which can issue 181 business cars at one time within one year. Green World is the business which deserves us to strive for the whole life. This is an incomparable grand meeting! Green World is NO. 1 in our hearts forever!"
As Green World Nigeria market was constantly enlarged, our specialty stores also spread over each state like the bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Among them, there were many excellent specialty stores and specialty store managers and we would not succeed without their endeavor. At the conference, we rewarded 70 excellent specialty stores and the storekeepers and respectively issued gold, silver and bronze prizes, among which there were 45 bronze prizes, 17 silver prizes with family cinema as the award and 8 gold prizes with laptop as the award.
2011 is the year when Green World has born abundant fruit in Africa, also the year when distributors have reaped a bumper harvest. At this conference, Nigeria Branch also issued the fridges to 34 distributors and other 12 star level managers and senior distributors won the big prizes of the company including large screen LCD TV and laptop, etc.
The host invited Mr. OBASI SIMON to stay at the stage when he was about to leave holding his 42 inch LCD TV, the three-star manager award. A bigger surprise was waiting for him! He had won the Green World villa prize! President Li and Zhang personally went up to the stage to issue the check to him. This large check attracted the eyes of all the present people. It is not only the $150,000 on the check, but also the success and honor Green World Group had given to him that had attracted people!


At last, another exciting moment was coming, President Li personally went up to the stage to issue the honorary director trophies, certificates and big prizes to Ms. ELECHI IJEOMA THERESA and Ms. UZOUNIN NGOZI, the two two-star directors, as an encouragement, which won the admiring and warm applauses of the whole distributors. The atmosphere of the whole conference hall achieved the climax for another time.
Joyous time was always so short. When night fell, the conference lasting nearly 6 hours gradually came to an end. The distributors were still immersed in the joyous atmosphere and they gathered in the conference hall to sing and dance, took group photos to mark the occasion and kept the exciting moment in their minds forever.
On the day before the grand awarding ceremony, in conjunction with Nigeria Chevrolet Group, the strategic partner of Green World Group, awarded distributors drove their own new cars, waved the flag of Green World, formidably cruised around Calabar escorted and guided by the policemen of the city, which had drawn the admiration in the places they arrived at.
The fourth car awarding conference was successfully concluded. This was a successful meeting in which 181 car awards and many big prizes including the villa award were issued. It would inevitably bring a shocking great promotion for the whole Nigerian market and even the whole African market, especially bring the opportunity for the deep exploitation of the southeast and north regions in Nigeria. We believe we would obtain greater achievements in the future. Wish Green World Nigeria booming and thriving!