Green World Cameroon Branch Successfully Held Annual Awarding Conference
2011-12-14 20:00:00
Under the excellent situation of Green World African markets, Green World Cameroon branch successfully held the fifth car awarding conference at Complexe Belavia conference hall of Douala, the port city of Cameroon at local time 2 o¡¯clock p.m. on Nov. 5, 2011. All the seats of the whole conference hall were occupied. More than 1000 guests attended this awarding conference on invitation. This conference was the grandest one since Green World Cameroon branch was established.   
The awarded cars cruise before the conference expanded the popularity and influence of our company at local place.   

All the seats were occupied at the conference hall which can hold thousands of people.

The rainy season had not yet ended, but the sun was shining brightly that day in Douala, which was very convenient for the participants to go out and ensured the successful holding of the conference.  
At 2 o¡¯clock p.m., the famous host in national TV station announced the conference officially started. After the solemn national anthems of Congo, P.R.C. and USA were played, Mr. Eadon Zhang, the general manager of Cameroon branch, gave the welcome speech. He summed up the work in the past one year, thanked the support and proper guidance of African region and the headquarters of the Group and the arduous endeavor of the new and old business partners. He promised to work even harder, and make great efforts to develop the markets in surrounding countries based on Cameroon domestic market. He believed Green World Cameroon branch would make greater achievements next year. At last, he called on the distributors to make joint efforts and strive to change the lives of all Green World business partners, thus make people much healthier and richer!   
Mr. Eadon Zhang, the general manger, was giving a welcome speech.
Afterwards, Mr. David Zhang, the vice president of Green World Group and president of African region gave a speech. He briefly recalled the glorious course of the rapid development of Green World African region in the past four years, looked forward to a more beautiful future and encouraged the distributors to work even harder. On behalf of the senior management layer of the Group, he solemnly promised, Green World was a responsible, honest and trustworthy company and she would stand, grow and develop together with everyone through thick and thin. Besides, President Zhang also introduced the development strategy and planning of Green World international markets and African region markets. Finally, President Zhang wished Green World a greater and better achievement in Cameroon. The speech of President Zhang greatly boosted the morale of distributors.
This awarding conference had set up the big prizes like Fast Upgrade Prize, Excellent Distributor Prize, Excellent Lecturer Prize, Excellent Staff Prize, Excellent Specialty Store Prize, International Tour Award and Business Car Award, etc. With the cheerful music, the winners merrily went onto the stage to receive the prizes and take group photos to mark the occasion. Finally, the host announced the list of business car winners, which pushed the awarding conference to its climax. Surrounded by a great number of enthusiastic distributors, the winners went onto the stage and the distributors off the stage sung and danced to celebrate the tremendous achievements they have obtained and commemorate their own festival. Afterwards, President Zhang grandly issued the car keys and honorary certificates to 10 business car winners.  
With the cheerful national dance, the participants can¡¯t help going onto the stage to dance.
People sung and danced to celebrate their own festival.  
Mr. David L. Zhang, the vice-president of Green World Group and president of African region expressed congratulations on Mrs.Manfo Yvone, the business car winner, and encouraged her to attain a yet higher goal.
2011 Green World Cameroon Branch Awarding Conference had come to the end and the senior distributors respectively went onto the stage to deliver speeches and thanked the high quality products, business opportunity and specialized management and service Green World had brought to them. At last, the conference was successfully concluded and many distributors were so excited that they flocked to the stage successively to take group photos to mark this unforgettable moment. They all expressed that, the interest and benefit Green World had brought to Cameroon people were so real. So far, Green World had issued more than 30 business cars to the excellent distributors in Cameroon. This was second to none in Cameroon business history and had greatly encouraged everyone¡¯s morale once again.    
Mrs. Melly Eukelia was introducing the advantages of Green World and the experiences of her growing with the company.
Marie Ngameloua was sharing her successful experiences in Green World.
Mr. Obiorah Sylvester earnestly focused on the market and training and strived to expand his network experiences which was worthy for everyone to learn.
Mrs. Ambassa-Kikinee Makounte sincerely offered excellent services for distributors which won everyone¡¯s applause.
Mr. Touck Touck Jacques was sharing his experiences and secrets of fast development.
Mr. Kenang Justin went onto the stage to issue the laptop prize and deliver a motivational speech.
Mr. David Zhang, the vice-president of Green World Group and president of African region, was taking a group photo with the most outstanding business partners in Cameroon in order to encourage them to develop and expand their business locally.  
Before the awarding conference, the business car winners drove the cars they had won and attended the car cruise around the city in formidable array escorted by urban police together with the business car winners of the past few years which greatly expanded the local popularity of Green World.