President Li Investigated Nigeria Calabar Market Accompanied by President Zhang
2011-12-08 20:00:00
    At 1:30 p.m. of Nov. 18, 2011, Ms. Deming Li, the president of Green World Group, arrived at Nigeria Calabar airport to attend the fourth car awarding conference of Nigeria. CROSS RIVER state government sent the car to pick President Li up and took her to the hotel to have a rest. At 4 p.m. of the day, regardless of the tiring journey, President Li, accompanied by Vice-president Mr. David Zhang, came to CALABAR PRANMOUT RULER CHAIRMAN OF CHIFESB office on invitation and discussed something about the company development, Nigeria agricultural development, Calabar natural environment and the development of local traditional Chinese medicine with the CHAIRMAN who also took out the local herbs and rare plants he had collected and showed them to President Li one by one.


    Accompanied by the CHAIRMAN, President Li and Zhang were invited to come to the office of state governor where they were warmly received by Senator (Dr.) Liyel Imoke, the governor of Nigeria CROSS RIVER state. President Li also brought the warm greetings from China and personally invited the governor to attend the fourth car awarding conference of Green World Group in Nigeria and witness this great historical moment---181 car prizes with us together. At the end of the talks, President Li presented the car cushion of our Green World to the state governor and took group photos to mark the occasion.

    On the morning of Nov. 20, Ms. Deming Li, the president of Green World Group and Mr. David Zhang, the vice president, met with the senior distributors of Nigeria Calabar Branch at the conference hall of the hotel. They deeply discussed the development plan of the company, the effects of the products and the difficulties the distributors had encountered in the marketing process, etc. After the conference, the distributors presented the local national dress to President Li and the walking stick which represents the power and status to President Zhang. President Li put on the dress presented by the distributors at once and President Zhang also took up the walking stick. The distributors took group photos with President Li and Zhang to mark the occasion one after another.

    Afterwards, inspired by the state governor, chairman OF CHIEF personally drove President Li and Zhang to visit Free Trade Zone of Calabar---EPZ and TINAPA. As the first free zone of Nigeria, EPZ was set up by the investment of the federal government of Nigeria. Originally, it mainly focused on trade, service and manufacturing industries, and then it was developed into a comprehensive free zone in practice with the manufacturing industry making up the biggest proportion. This zone was approved to be built in 1992 and operated formally in 2001. It covers an area of 220 hectares, including 36 companies which are mainly from China, Nigeria, India, Lebanon, Italy, etc. For example, Kaiyuan Electric Company, Baoyao Steel Factory, Yuemei Textile Park, etc. of our country are all operated here and get good responses. It only takes 10 minutes' drive from Calabar Free Trade Zone to TINAPA. TINAPA was basically built up in 2009 and covers an area of 265 hectares. TINAPA is the combination of scenic resort and free zone. It not only provides the facilities as traditional free zones do, such as 15600 square meters' warehouse, enterprise area and workshop, but also has 10000 square meters' shopping mall, the entertainment facilities, hotels, landscape gardens, even brings film manufacturing company and cinema into the zone to create "Hollywood" of Nigeria. This zone is near lakes and mountains with beautiful scenery, tidy and clean streets, fine buildings and good environment which are rarely seen in Nigeria. Besides the preferential policies provided in ordinary zones, there are also some special preferential policies, for example, the outsiders do not need to apply for visa to have leisure vacation in this zone; the retail businessmen in this zone can also enjoy the duty free treatment of other companies; you need not to pay for tariff to buy personal consumption goods in this zone, even when you enter customs territory of Nigeria. Now Green World Nigeria Calabar Branch has established a good cooperative relationship with this zone. After president Li's careful inspection, it is believed that our cooperation will be much closer and deeper.

    At noon of Nov. 20, Senator (Dr.) Liyel Imoke, the governor of CROSS RIVER state in Nigeria met Dr. Deming Li and Mr. David Zhang, the president and the vice president of the Group, in the official mansion once again. In this meeting, the governor introduced the natural and human environment and the economic development conditions of CROSS RIVER state in detail and emphasized the good investment environment and the preferential policies. The governor also hoped that our Green World Group can take the root of our Green industry in CROSS RIVER state for this, the state government would give the maximum support in every aspect including land, water and electricity, etc. At the end of the meeting, the governor together with the investment minister presented the delicate state albums and investment documents to President Li and Zhang, and invited President Li and Zhang to appreciate the world-famous Calabar Christmas Parade. President Li also invited the governor to come to China and our Green World Group for visit and investigation. This journey of President Li had important meanings for us to expand Nigeria market and develop various kinds of Green industry. We believe, in the near future, Green World Group would have better development in Nigeria and the whole Africa.