China Trip of Green World Distributors from Nigeria and Cameroon-Visiting Headquarters
2011-12-08 20:00:00
    As ¡°2011-2012 Overseas Development Prospect Seminar¡± and ¡°Tens of Thousands of People¡¯s Car Awarding Conference in Nigeria¡± of Green World Group were successfully held, the passion of Green World global distributors was aroused once again!
    On Dec. 7, five distributors from Nigeria and Cameroon arrived at the headquarters of Green World Group and started their joyful trip in China. Some of these distributors came to China for the first time, so they felt very exited and anticipated for this trip.

Ms. Deming Li, the president of Green World Group, received the distributor friends in front of the gate of headquarters.
    At 10 am, with the cheerful music, the distributors arrived at the headquarters of Green World Group as scheduled. Ms. Deming Li, the president of Green World Group, led the mid-level staff to welcome the distributors coming so far and held a warm welcoming ceremony which drew the curtain of this distributors¡¯China trip. In the ceremony, President Li recalled the development process of Green World African market lively and carefully, showed congratulations for the achievement acquired in Africa and Nigeria and expressed the beautiful wish to meet everyone in the Second-term Production Base next time. The speech of President Li was trickling in everybody¡¯s heart and the distributors said they would boldly do our business best on the big stage of Green World and bring health to more people!

Ms. Deming Li, the president of Green World Group, gave an address at the distributor welcome party.
    At the conference, the excellent distributor representatives from Cameroon and Nigeria respectively gave passionate speeches and shared their successful experience. The sincere and moving speeches gained warm applause.
The distributor representative from Cameroon gave an address.
The distributor representative from Nigeria gave an address.
The scene of the distributor welcome party.
    After that, distributors visited the sand table of the second-term project of Green World, enterprise culture wall, the fields of certificate of patent and honor, the global market map of Green World and product exhibition hall, etc. with great interest, which made them know every production process of Green World products in detail, deepened their understanding for the connotation of Green World brand and further strengthened their confidence in Green World brand. With the interpreters¡¯ enthusiastic introduction, distributors had known the main particular features of Green World products and greatly praised the newly proposed blueberry series.
Visit the sand table of the Green World second-term project.
Visit the enterprise culture wall.
Visit the field of patent certificates.
Visit the field of certificates of honor.
Visit the global market map.
President Li and the distributors took a group photo in front of the global market map.
    A myriad of the four kinds of over one hundred products, including health care products, daily necessities, cosmetics and health care equipments, in the products exhibition hall attracted people¡¯s attention and made the present Green World distributors excited. They warmly discussed and paid great attention and enthusiasm to Green World products; interpreters and experts impassionedly explained the products in detail and answered the questions patiently; the distributors constantly expressed the high praise on Green World products and the expectation to the development of Green World. Blueberry series in health care products, olive series in cosmetics and tourmaline series were more popular. People consulted, experienced, and bought products uninterruptedly.
Visit the products exhibition hall.
    In the afternoon, the distributors visited the office area, laboratory and GMP workshop, etc. The modern production equipments, scientific and high-efficient working environment and enthusiastic and friendly enterprise staff all deeply impressed distributors. In next products training lecture, they enjoyed the short video of ¡°2011-2012 Overseas Development Prospect Seminar¡± together and further shortened the distance of each other through the review of past time. Afterwards, the staff of R&D Department introduced the featured products of Green World¡ªBlueberry Series for the distributors. The distributors interacted and communicated with our staff. They constantly asked some questions about the products and our staff patiently answered them one by one. After the training, Ms. Deming Li, the president of Green World Group, personally issued the Certificate of Completion to the distributors.

Distributors visited the president¡¯s office and took a group photo with President Li.
Visit the laboratory.
Visit the GMP workshop.
Distributors watched the short vedio of  ¡°2011-2012 Overseas Development Prospect .
The staff of R&D Department gave a lecture about the new products of Green World---Blueberry Series.
Ms. Deming Li, the president of Green World Group, issued the certificates to the distributors.
    In the day of visiting Green World headquarters, the applause, cheers and praise constantly lingered in the ears. The distributors felt very excited and honorable for that they can personally experience the management and production environment of Green World Group, through which they saw the solid strength and excellent products of Green World and were also surprised at the extensive development opportunities of Green World Business. This visit not only made the distributors further deeply know Green World and its products in detail, but also enhanced their confidence in Green World brand and made them full of expectation to the cooperation with Green World in the future.