Uganda Branch Successfully Held the First BBS Conference¡ª¡ªMBALE Car Awarding Conference News Report
2011-12-05 20:00:00
    On Nov. 26, Green World Uganda Branch held the First BBS Conference of 2011 in a five-star hotel in MBALE district of Uganda. The day when the conference was held was sunny with blue sky and fresh air. This rare nice day promoted the atmosphere of the conference. The leaders from Kenya and Uganda were all dressed up and arrived at the conference hall very early. Before the conference started, the leaders exchanged the market experiences and their own ideas, and the ebullient talks of the senior leaders from both countries affected everyone, so they successively took group photos with the leaders and management personnel of the company to mark the occasion.

Kenyan senior leaders were taking a group photo.
Kenyan senior leaders were taking a group photo.
Mr. Terry, the general manager, was issuing the car key.
They were taking a group photo in front of the car.
    BBS conference was launched in cheerful singing and dancing at 12 o¡¯clock. Firstly, the host introduced the participants and the Kenyan senior distributors and the management layer received warm welcome from MBALE distributors. As the solemn national anthems of Uganda and China were played, the host read out the brief introduction of the company and invited Mr. Billy (Hang Yin), the I. T. Manager of the branch to do conference opening propaganda. Mr. Billy gave an ebullient speech, introduced his post in the company and showed his congratulations and thanks to the winners. He affirmed the hard work of all the distributors and stated clearly that it was their endeavor that motivated him and other company staffs to work harder.
The host was making opening introduction.
They were singing and dancing at the scene.
    Then the host invited Mr. Terry (Yuan Zhao) to give a speech. Mr. Terry, the general manager, introduced the development status of Green World in African and global regions, then shared the spectacular event that Nigeria Calabar Branch issued 179 car awards last week and told everyone that the car award winners had exceeded 483 only in African region. Finally, Mr. Terry, the general manager, stated clearly that he hoped more car awards could be issued in Uganda. All the distributors said that there would be more people winning the car awards in next BBS conference. The speeches of Mr. Billy and Terry had won warm applauses.

Mr. Terry, the general manager, was giving a speech.
    Next, the company arranged onsite lucky draw for distributors. Mr. Terry, the general manager, drew the prize and two lucky audiences won a beauty product package prepared by the company respectively. Then, Mr. Chris Adiema, a Kenyan senior leader and Mr. Kabali Mathia, a Uganda seven-star leader, gave speeches respectively and shared their successful stories. The speeches of the two leaders won warm applauses of the audiences. Afterwards, Mr. Kimani, a Kenyan leader, issued DVD prizes for four winners of Fast Growth Award in MBALE district. The host explained why and how to win the prizes. Many present audiences expressed they would like to join Green World and win the prizes of the same kinds when DVD award was being issued.
Mr. Chris Adiema was giving a speech.
Mr. Mathias, a seven-star distributor, was giving a speech.
Lucky draw.
  DVD Issuing.
    At this moment, the conference had come to its climax. Mr. Daniel Mungai and Mr. Ken Kegode gave wonderful speeches and shared the three years¡¯ unforgettable journey they went along with Green World. Their brilliant speeches delighted and greatly motivated the present audiences.
    Finally, the host announced to invite Mr. Terry, the general manager, to issue car award for Mr. Earnest Mungai, the car award winner of Uganda. When they were holding the car key and certificate, the distributors gave warm responses. At the scene, the flashlights constantly shone everywhere, applauses and cheers fell and rose from time to time and at the moment when the fireworks bloomed, everyone stood up applauding and cheering to celebrate this great historical moment. At last, everyone rushed out of the conference hall to the car and took group photos with the company staff and leaders in front of the car. The three hours¡¯ conference ended in a sea of cheers and laughter.
Mr. Ken Kegode was giving a speech.
Mr. Daniel Mungai was giving a speech.
Mr. Terry, the general manager, was announcing the car award winner.
Mr. Ernest Mungai, the car award winner, went on to the stage.
Car award prize of Green World.