Green World Elites Visited Bali with Passion
2017-12-11 13:36:30

    It has always been Green World’s tradition to reward excellent distributors. Green World family members have gained a career by sharing business and exchanging experience in a relaxed and free atmosphere. On November 22, 2017, Green World elites flied to the beautiful island Bali to start an overseas seminar journey.

    On the evening of November 21, Green World elites arrived at  Tianjing Dongli Lake Hengda Hot Spring Hotel and attended the farewell dinner party prepared by the company. A brief tour guide meeting was carried out at the dinner party to show everybody precautions during the coming tour.


     Mr. Linhai Yan, marketing director of Green World China Region, delivered a splendid address. Firstly on behalf of Green World, he welcomed everyone present who could attend the tour. Meanwhile, he approved the periodical achievement obtained by Green World elites and hoping them could gain a lot in the overseas seminar journey.

      By coincidence, it was also the birthday of Mr. Jiakun He, deputy director of marketing department of Green World China Region. Everybody celebrated his birthday together, pushing the dinner party to the climax. The dinner party ended in a happy atmosphere.


      Early on the next morning, Green World family members gathered at Tianjing Binhai International airport, starting the glorious tour happily. Green World family members felt the enthusiasm of the Indonesian people on arriving at Bali Island Denpasar International Airport. Some local girls presented them with egg garland with Indonesian feature. The fragrance of the flower was refreshing and pleasant.
The First Day of the Tour

    Green World elites arrived at the famous Honey Bay of Bali Island and experienced abundant water games, including the “dragging umbrella” which could enjoy the panoramic view of Bali Island at high altitude, the “deep and shallow” which could view the underwater world , the novel “flying fish”, as well as the exciting “motorboat”, which made everybody extremely excited.


     Then Green World family members came to the beautiful Turtle Bay by speed boat and had a direct contact with sea turtles, boas and other animals.


      Green World family members came to the fantastic beach, where the cliff swimming pool and sand beach were so mesmerizing.


      In the evening, Green World family members arrived at the nice Jimbaran beach by bus. There was blue seawater and professional band. Moreover, the Indonesia professional dancers arranged special dances for Green World family members, welcoming them for their coming from afar. Mr. Junxian Song, general manager of Green World Indonesia Branch and Mr. Tony, deputy manager of Green World Indonesia Branch attended the dinner party.

     On behalf of Indonesian distributors, Mr. Junxian Song, general manager of Green World Indonesia Branch, expressed a warm welcome for the arrival of family members from Green World China Region. He also showed his appreciation and blessing to the achievements made by Green World China Region.

    It was the annual Thanksgiving Day that day. Green World family members recorded a short video so as to express their gratitude to Dr. Deming Li for her providing such a good business platform and for her great love. Green World family members had been singing and dancing for a long time and did not want to leave.


    The Second Day of the Tour

    Green World family members arrived at the most beautiful island of Bali Island “Lembongan Island”. There were unique natural landscapes such as “demon’s tears” and entertainment projects such as banana boat, canoe, snorkeling. Everybody couldn’t help appreciating the extremely fine craftsmanship made by nature. Afterwards, everybody left Lembongan Island and arrived at coffee factory to taste coffee and study coffee history and culture.

The Third Day of the Tour

    On the morning of November 25, Seminar 2017 for Green World Elites’ Trip to Bali Island with the theme of “Realize Dream in Green World through Global Win-win” was convened. Green World family members shared their business experience and secrets of success, making the attendees benefit a lot.


     After the seminar, Green World family members came to the famous Tanah Lot, which stood majestically in the roaring waves of the Indian Ocean and was acclaimed as the peak of perfection.


The Fourth Day of the Tour

     Green World family members came to the southernmost point of Bali Island, the most prestigious cliff – Valentine’s Cliff. The sea and the sky merged into one. The painting like beauty view was so amazing. Family members later went to Foreigners’ Street, Kuta Beach and other scenic spots to travel. 

     On November 27, Green World family members arrived in Hongkong and started a day’s free travel. They arrived in Tianjing on the same night. The Seminar 2017 for Green World Elites’ Overseas Trip came to a satisfactory end. Family members returned to their own markets with smile, achievement and confidence. We believe the tour seminar will be a booster of success for every Green World family member.