Green World 2017 Award Ceremony with the Theme of “Together We Create, Share and Win” – The Event
2018-01-19 14:29:37

Looking back to the past, we are full of achievements and enthusiasm;
Reflecting on the present, we are full of confidence and passion;
Looking ahead to the future, we are full of vitality and fighting eagerness.

On the occasion of the new year, Green World held the Annual Award Ceremony of 2107 with the theme of “Together We Create, Share and Win” in Dongli Lake Hengda Hotel of Dongli District, Tianjing on January 8, 2018, showing the flourishing and prosperity of Green World, promoting friendship, reinforcing the cohesion, commending outstanding Green World family members and appreciating all the family members for their hard work in the past year, attended by 1,500 people including the honored guests Mr. Xiang Zhou, senior manager for key accounts sales of BMW China, Mrs. Jing Chen, manager for key accounts sales of BMW China, Ms. Ping Li, deputy director of Chinese Health Association, commissioners of Green World Market Development Strategy Commission and Green World senior executives. Also Green World President Dr. Deming Li took time out of busy schedule to come to the ceremony from USA, travelling a long distance.

The Ceremony scene

Following the dazzling light show, Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World Group dotted the lion during the festive Lion Dance, bringing a kicking off to the Annual Award Ceremony of Green World 2017.

The ceremony included three parts, featuring the themes of Together We Create, Together We Share and Together We Win respectively, with a review of work in 2017 and a strategic planning for the market development in 2018.

Together We Create

Different people may have different ways to approach success, but undoubtedly, all the roads to success are posed by a great many problems and interwoven risks and dangers. Those with firm faith and goal, struggling with all-round efforts are the real winners who break open a way through bramble and thorns!
“Together We Create”— It is always accompanied by the jointly efforts of the management teams and all the fellows, who promote the development of Green World and leading the partners to a right direction toward goals with determination and ambition unswervingly!
Firstly, Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World, went up onto the stage accompanied by the warm applause from the whole audience, delivered sincere greetings to all the freinds and spoke highly of family members’ achievements in 2017, indicating that 2018 is a new chapter and Green World will come into a new stage in 2018 and hoped that all the family members could work hard in unison to welcome the Green World’s grand era of prosperity!

Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World, addressing to the grand ceremony

Following that, marketing director of Green World China region Mr. Linhai Yan delivered a speech, expressing his appreciation to Green World family members for their hard work in the past year. He attributed the flourishing and prosperity of Green World to the joint efforts of each member. Mr. Yan’s speech showed a stronger determination for a more prosperous future of Green World and eagerness to march ahead by overcoming different challenges and hardships with full preparations. The address greatly encouraged the audience who had been applauding with cheers.

Marketing Director of Green World China region Yan Linhai was delivering a speech

Green World, cooperating with world-renowned motor brand BMW to create a world-level brand, contributing to the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation and public health. Senior manager Mr. Zhou Xiang and manager Mrs. Chen Jing for key accounts sales of BMW China were invited to ceremony for a higher level of authority.


Senior manager Mr. Zhou Xiang for key accounts sales of BMW China, addressing the audience
Together We Share

These eminent leaders have received high approval from all the members for their commitment and devotion, who has been overcoming challenge and working hard to march ahead courageously. They fully deserved such honors and salute, whose entrepreneurial passion and action have been leading all the teams to press ahead. The glory moment belonged to them-the excellent leaders of Green World Market Development Strategy Commission.

Marketing director of Green World China region and Chairman of Green World Market Development Strategy Commission Mr. Linhai Yan issued the commissioners letters of appointments for their hard work as well as the permanent close cooperation, together moving forward a more prosperous future.
Education is always the priority regarding market development, remaining committed to the educational principle of mind construction first, Green World has been engaging in a better platform where more talents of intelligence and virtue are giving full play to their brilliance.

The executive director of Green World international business school Mrs. Qian Wang issued the letters of appointment for the school leaders and senior lecturers, looking forwarding to their service of high quality and more active measures to produce an influence on more people, delivering entrepreneurial culture and positive energy.
As a variety of industries are receiving more and more supports from the nation, enterprises of legitimate operation are wining more and more recognition from customers as well as the relevant national authorities.


The vice chairman of China Health Care Association Mrs. Li Ping, making an addressing

Dr. Deming Li on behalf of Green World accepted the award from China Health Care Association presented by Mrs. Li Ping

Following the establishment of Green World, Green World has been drawing attention by its innovative operation pattern 3G+, and online shopping mall of Green World concerned by customers was initiated on 8th January in advance and will be officially launched on 15th February. On the conference, the manager of Green World E-commerce department Mr. Wan Wei made a introduction of the online shopping mall, applauded by attendees. The online shopping mall’s official launch will greatly contribute to the development of Green World business.

Green World online Zhilu shopping mall was officially launched

The manager of Green World E-commerce department Mr. Wan Wei was introducing the online shopping mall

Green World’s operation model of 3G+, which has been known by lots of people. On the conference, the deputy marketing director of Green World China region Mr. He Jiakun analyzed 3G+ model in detail, meanwhile he also presented a detailed explanation on Green World’s market strategic planning in 2018.

Deputy marketing director of Green World China region Mr. He Jiakun making an analysis on Green World’s strategic plan for 2018

Together We Win

Green World as a superior entrepreneurial platform with direct marketing business certificate embraced a great number of people with breadth of vision willing to cooperate with Green World and start a business, these outstanding partners earned themselves honor and reputation by commitments and efforts.

Presenting the Annual Team Contributions Award

In 2017, they have achieved great market performance as well as enterprise progress by committing themselves to market development with all-round effort.

Presenting the Annual Marketing Gold Award
They are the preeminent cooperators of Green World, as well as the diligent cultivators of Green World market.


Presenting the Annual Outstanding Marketing Person Award

The shared business and target enable all members to make joint efforts hand in hand, driving forward a prosperous future, playing an exemplary role for both society and family. They, working hard and unswervingly in unison towards great success, made themselves the most splendid landscape out from grand entrepreneurial forces!


Presentating the Annual Model Couple Award

Honor and reputation are always accompanied by commitment and unremitted efforts. It is their hard work with unswerving determination and aspiration that contributes to their leading position in the age of great health. 

Presenting the Annual Outstanding Leader Award

They sholdered the challenges and worked hard to press ahead, driving a sustained and flourishing market development for their partners, which attributed to their glory at this moment. They were awarded by the luxury BMW car. They are the models and the heros of their team.

Presenting the Annual Car Award of BMW 118i

Presenting the Annual Car Award of BMW X1

Green World family members were performing song and dance of Heroes Paean.

Artistic performance Heroes Paean

In this grand ceremony, all the award winners respectively made addresses on the stage, expressing the appreciation to Dr. Deming Li for such an excellent business platform where they harvested health, wealth and glory!

Ms. Cheng Jing, vice chairman of Green World Development Strategy Committee delivering a speech

Mr. Liu Yisen, vice chairman of Green World Development Strategy Committee delivering a speech

The couples Mr. Bao Keming and Mrs. Yang Luyuan, winners of car award of BMW X1, delivering an address

Mr. Fang Xiangming and Mrs. Duan Yana, winners of Award for Annual Model Couple, delivering an address.

Mr. Dong Lianghui, the winner of car award of BMW 118Ii, delivering an address.


Mrs. Zhengjie Ma, winner of Award for Annual distinguished Marketing delivering an address.

Mrs. Ke Lin, winner of Award for Annual Team Contributions delivering an address.

Mr. Shizhuang Yang, winner of Gold Award for Annual Marketing delivering an address. 

The conference not only commended the annual top distributors in 2017 and made a summary for the work of 2017, but also proposed the strategic plan for the market development of 2018, which cleared the direction for the market development and enhanced the confidence of family members to Green World.
2018 is a new start, in which Green World will step into a stage of soaring development as the perfection of overall development layout, Green World will remain committed to providing each family member the services of high quality.
Let’s look ahead to 2018, working hard with passion in unison for a more splendid future!