World (Tianjin) Nutrition & Health Food Co.,Ltd. Staff Training and Year-end Commendation Meeting Successfully Convened
2018-02-09 16:19:26

Looking back to the year of 2017, we go through thick and thin, make effort to strive to success together. Looking forward to the year of 2018, we expect that Green World will obtain more splendid achievements.

In the afternoon of February 2, 2018, in order to make Green World staff better know the company culture, personal career planing and job requirements, meanwhile to commend the excellent staff who make outstanding contributions to the development of Green World, World (Tianjin) Nutrition & Health Food Co., Ltd. Staff Training and Commendation Meeting was held in the multifunctional conference room. Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World, together with the executives and the whole staff attended the meeting. 

Mr. Li Mingyu, Green World International Business School China Region director, brought the lecture with the them of Personal Planning and Enterprise Development . With humorous words, he presented what characteristics the staff should have to keep with the times: loyalty, ability, gratitude, team cooperation spirit, revolution and innovation, time management, responsibility, mature mentality and will, dedication, integrity, procedure and order, through which he told the staff how to do the personal planning in the process of enterprise development, how to give full play to the individual subjective initiative and show the personal charm and talent so as to achieve self-development with the development of the enterprise.    

At 3:30p.m., World (Tianjin) Nutrition & Health Food Co., Ltd. Year-end Commendation Meeting kicked off in the warm applause, aiming to commend the staff who made outstanding contributions to the development of Green World, express gratitude to them for their effort and persistence for so many years. It is their hard works that accomplish the splendidness of Green World. 

Loyalty & Gratitude Silver Award



Where there is a will, there is a way. Every step of Green World’s development is closely related to their efforts. They all have worked in Green World for more than five years. It’s their loyalty and trust to the company accomplish nowadays development of Green World.


Although the overseas staff obtaining Loyalty & Gratitude Award can’t attend the meeting, they all sent VCR to express gratitude to Dr. Deming Li to provide such an excellent platform to them. 

Loyalty & Gratitude Golden Award

It is their loyalty that makes Green World flourishing. They witnessed the hard development history of Green World. They are always being together with Green World.

The overseas staff obtaining Loyalty & Gratitude Gold Award can’t attend the meeting, Mr. David Zhang, vice president of Green World and president of Green World African Region, on behalf of Green World overseas staff, sent an acceptance speech.  
They are like the plum blossom in the cold winter, the spirit is adorable. More than 10 years of following and dedication to Green World plays an exemplary role for the staff.


Distinguished Contribution Award

The security guard Mr. Shi Yunhai, obtained the Distinguished Contribution Award. His hard work got the general approval of everyone. He deserved this honor. 

Star Performer Award

Ms. Li Yan from Green World China Region Marketing Center and Mr. Glory Guo from Green World South Africa Johannesburg Branch won the title of “Star Performer Award”. Mr. Glory Guo can’t attend the commendation meeting, the award was received by Ms. Raine Wang, vice manager of World (Tianjin) Nutrition & Health Food Co., Ltd. and the vice executive director of Green World International Business School instead of him.    

Excellent Team Award

Green World China Region Marketing Center team and Green World Calculation team respectively obtained the Excellent Team Award. They are cautious and conscientious, spare no effort to strive to success. Green World can not obtain the glorious achievement without the cooperation of the team.  

After the awarding, Dr. Deming Li, president of Green World, made a conclude for this training and commendation meeting. She firstly expressed congratulations to the award winners and affirmed their works, meanwhile she said that in the next year, the new hope and new challenge would come one after another, the road to move forward would not be smooth, we would encountered many difficulties. She hoped that our team could standardize the operation as per the national laws and regulations and better serve to market with the joint effort of all staff.

Afterwards, Dr. Deming Li hand out the new year red envelope (containing money as the gift) to everyone, wish everyone good health and prosperous in the new year.

At last, the whole participants came to the door of the company to take a group picture there. Then the whole staff participated the dinner party. Everyone gathered together to enjoy the joyful times together. 

This is a meeting harvesting the honor. No Pains, No Gains. Through this meeting, the internal communication and cohesion was strengthened, the subjective initiative of the whole staff was stimulated and also the new working direction was cleared. 
Green World takes enhancing the health level of human being as the purpose, insists in the core value of people-oriented and honesty first, quality centered and science and technology guided, engaging in promoting the independent research and development health products in the world to spread the new concept of health through integrating the safe and natural plant essence in the nature and combing with the world high-end production technology based on the health concept of “From Nature, Beyond Nature and Back to Nature”.   
On this Green World excellent business platform, hope the whole staff to continuously promote the dedication working spirit to move forward together with the company. Every Green Word family member will realize the extraordinary value of life.