Market Express—Cape Town Tour of Green World South Africa Johannesburg Branch
2018-04-13 14:52:24

From March 5 to 7, 2018, Green World South Africa Johannesburg Branch had a luxurious promotion tour in the local place – Cape Town. A total of 28 excellent distributors, specialty shop owners and network leaders participated in the tour.
The promotion tour was based on 2017 promotion plan, on the condition of distributors of Green World South Africa Johannesburg Branch fighting bravely, making good achievements and their outstanding performance in 2017 breaking the branch’s record. In order to commend the hard work of the distributors and fulfill the promotion commitment, the company organized the Cape Town tour.
Early in the morning, distributors, dressed in spontaneous and neat uniforms, came to the airport to celebrate with their relatives and friends, singing and dancing. The airport was full of their cheers and laughers.

During the luxurious three-day- tour, distributors enjoyed great meals, landed on the God’s Table – TABLE MOUNTAIN, reached the southernmost end of the continent – CAPE POINT, visited the island where the great leader Mandela was imprisoned – Robben Island, tasted good wine in the famous GROOT CONSTANTIA chateau, and sailed to visit the gathering place of lovely penguins and seals.





In the three-day-tour, the distributors broadened their outlook, enriched their life experience, relaxed their mind and body and firmed their determination to advance together with Green World. In addition to this Cape Town Tour, Green World has more luxurious promotion tours in the new year. Distributors all express their determination to work harder and harder in the coming days, to strive so as to win more opportunities to participate in the company’s activities such as Paris Tour and American Tour with their distinguished achievements.