Report of Green World International Business School’ s Training on Durban Senior Leaders
2019-04-29 16:07:48

On April 10, 2019, staff of International Business School arrived in Durban, the last stop of this South African tour training. Durban, eThekwini meaning "at the seaport" in Zulu language, is a city in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa with a population of 3 million. As the Africa's Best City in Urban Governance, and many important African conferences are held here. What's more, the development of Green World in Durban has also been 10 years.
The Durban branch training has lasted for 5 days. In the first three days, additional intensive OPP training seminar was conducted on top of the Green World business and healthcare product kits training, so as to comprehensively enhance the ability of high-level leaders to give a high-quality large-scale OPP training seminar and to select and train excellent lecturers for Durban Branch. After that, some leaders made rapid progress and soon catched the essentials. On the fourth day, under the guidance of the International Business School, leaders of Durban Branch presented Mega OPP training lecture in cooperation and achieved good results, with participants rushing to join the Green World. Finally, in addition to the routine product kits introduction, the previous training and the problems that occurred in presenting the Mega OPP training lecture were summarized and revised.
Thanks to the support of Durban Branch and the cooperation of all senior leaders, the training activity completed successfully, and it is the greatest achievement that everyone in the training has mastered the detailed process, convening skills and the do's and don'ts of OPP, and detailed introduction of some of the latest healthcare product kits of Green World. For future possible use, International Business School has left all materials related to Green World business and healthcare product kits to senior leaders. After the training, leaders held an internal meeting to discuss how to copy what they learned in the in-depth system training to the team, and determine the date of carrying out the weekly system training and OPP training seminar in the future. Through this in-depth training, Durban leaders have felt the importance of professional training and the necessity of "copy" for developing Green World business, and it's no confusion that that Durban's training team will become more and more mature in the near future hence.

Mr. He Ming, management staff of Durban branch, delivering the opening speech

Ms. Rainie Wang, Executive Dean of Green World International Business School, making an introduction of healthcare product kits for the participants

Mr. Li Mingyu, Deputy Dean of the Overseas Branch of Green World International Business School, giving a lecture on leadership

Participants presenting a trial OPP

Crowded participants on the day of giving Mega OPP training lecture

Mr. He Ming answering questions for distributors newly joining Green World

An incentive speech made by eight-star distributor from Polokwane

One-star Manager making an inspiring speech for participants

Newly-joined distributors expressing their wishes