Guo Bin Zhang, Director of Green World E-commerce Center, Helps with Decoration of New Production Base in Nanjing Headquarter
2020-09-22 09:55:56

With civil works of new production base in Nanjing headquarter coming to an end, decoration is put on the agenda.
On Sep. 18, 2020, despite a busy schedule, Guo Bin Zhang, Director of Green World E-commerce Center, visited the new production base in Nanjing Headquarter to help with decoration planning. This is a challenging task since deadline is coming around the corner and there is lots of work to be done. Director Zhang provided many professional and insightful suggestions, which help a lot.
Director Zhang specified decoration requirements for showrooms of bakery, wine cellar and tea house and urged the designer and contractor to catch up with the deadline to make the office building ready to be used as soon as possible. Besides the office building, Director Zhang also visited the conference building to plan and design product showrooms.
With Director Zhang’s professional help, the decoration of new production base of Nanjing headquarter will sure be a success.

Director Zhang discussed bakery showroom decoration with the designer

Discussion of wine cellar decoration


Discussion of tea house decoration

Planning of product showrooms and distributor conference halls in the conference building

Planning of home appliance assembly workshop