Government Leaders Visiting Green World Nanjing New Production Base
2020-10-01 11:24:14

On the morning of September 30, 2020, about 60 people including Mr. Xue, secretary of Lishui district committee of Nanjing, and Mr. Zhang, governor of Lishui district of Nanjing, as well as the members of the committee, leaders of the district government and chiefs of the towns (streets) party and government administration, came to Green World new production base for investigation and guidance. As one of the key industry projects of Baima Town, Agricultural high-tech Area of the "four new" action, Green World new production base is highly valued by the government leaders who actively investigated the development status of the enterprise, analyzed the existing problems, and jointly planed for the future development through field visits and on-site office, etc.  

The visiting leaders visited the new industrial park project, and listened to the company's future development planning and product introduction. Ms. Liu, director of Nanjing company, introduced that the company independently developed blueberry products have been sold to the markets of Africa, Eurasia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, North America, and more than 40 branches had been established around the world. After having a preliminary understanding of the extraction and processing technology of blueberry products, the visiting leaders spoke highly of the deep-processed blueberry products and proposed to display the products in the exhibition hall of Baima National Agricultural High-tech Area. They expressed that the company should well develop the domestic market to make more customers and families know our products while benefiting overseas friends.

After the visit, the visiting leaders and the company made a brief communication. In the conclusion, it was emphasized that the prosperity of the district cannot be separated from the vigorous development of enterprises. The government should strengthen communication with enterprises, provide strong support and quality services for the healthy development of enterprises, and thus the enterprise had no additional worries in the process of development. Moreover, enterprises should increase the scientific and technological content, strengthen the research and development of technology, control the direction of technology and rely on the industry-study-research cooperation to realize the gorgeous turn from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, meanwhile actively cultivate the core culture of enterprises, adhere to the concept of green development, do a good job in party building and unit the development strength of enterprises to promote better and faster development of enterprises.