News Express - Green World Goods Container Leaving for South Africa from Nanjing Production Base
2020-11-10 15:08:53

On the morning of November 9, 2020, the 40-foot-container truck parked in the production plant in Nanjing production base, and the working staff started to work very early. They worked orderly from counting, clearing, handling and handing over of goods to goods loading finally onto the truck to leave for South Africa from the production line. In order to guarantee each batch of goods timely delivered to the South African market thousands of miles away, they have been working hard day and night for several days. Until today, the enthusiasm for work remains unabated on the loading site because they know that it is their responsibilities to guarantee the goods supply timely for the development of the enterprise.


The 40-foot container will be shipped to Johannesburg, South Africa. With the gradual recovery of the South African market, the steady improvement of the performance and the continuous improvement of the business, the local distributors have been looking forward to seeing more and more high-quality products delivered to the local market as soon as possible to occupy a favorable position to further expand the diversified market.


Green World always adheres to "Green, Professional, Safe, Healthy and International" as the core of the product , devoting to looking for safe, natural and high-quality herbs as raw materials in the global world. It also strives to develop and produce safe and green products to provide global consumers with high-quality and diversified products, conveying a healthy and positive life concept to share a quality life with them.