News Express - Green World Goods Container Leaving for Zambia from Nanjing Production Base
2020-11-16 16:00:32

On the morning of November 13, 2020, the container sent to Zambia in Africa was packed and officially set out. Each batch of goods carries the love of global partners for Green World products. The Green World shoulders the mission of delivering green and healthy life to every corner of the world with better products and healthier life concept.




The awareness of pandemic prevention and control should not be loosen, especially to the production line. In order to guarantee the overseas market supply and timely delivery, Green World has always put product safety and prevention and control work in the first place without any relax, carelessness or slack. From raw materials acceptance and storage, product distribution and processing to goods delivery of each batch, the whole production process is strictly monitored and standardized. Regular disinfection work is implemented, from staff passages, production workshops to finished product storage places. The prevention and control mechanism has been normalized at every step to make it specialized to every link, from pre-post training for production personnel, daily personal health check, to the implementation of the code of conduct on duty.


Green World has developed rapidly in Africa by virtue of its powerful strength, self-correction management, global direct logistics solutions, safe and high-quality green product research and development, diversified product options and perfect service system. After decades of careful management, Green World has developed rapidly in Africa with branches and offices established in more than 20 countries, leading to the road of globalization. We firmly believe that Green World will usher in an era of better market development with more opportunities.