2020 Annual Online Award Meeting of Green World Kenya Branch
2020-11-20 16:02:42

Due to the pandemic, Green World Kenya Branch 2020 annual Award Meeting was held online on November 14 for the sake of the health and safety of distributors. The meeting was broadcasted directly through three platforms of Zoom, Youtube and Facebook.
At the beginning of the meeting, the hosts Mr. Mbogo and Madam Christina extended their sincere greetings to the audiences all over the world.

In order to make the distributors have a better understanding of Green World Group, the meeting first introduced the development history, product categories, awards of Green World Group and its long-standing philosophy of “People-oriented and Honesty First”.


After that, the wonderful moments in the history of Kenya branch were presented through the video.

In February 2020, excellent distributors took a group photo in front of the famous Singapore landmark Merlion during their visit in Singapore.

In July 2019, the excellent distributors took a group photo in Burj Khalifa tower, the world's tallest building, during their visit in Dubai.

The Award Ceremony officially began with a welcome speech delivered by Mr. William Su, General Manager of Kenya branch.  .

Then Mr. David Zhang, President of Green World Africa region and Vice President of Green World Group, delivered a speech congratulating on the successful holding of the meeting.

Madam Lucy Miano, the representative of the distributors, delivered a speech, congratulating on the award-winning distributors and encouraging them to make persistent efforts to continue to write a brilliant new chapter.

During the prize-awarding part, the first award presented is China Tour Award. 128 distributors won the honor with reward of a week long tour to China's famous scenic spots organized by Green World Group, such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing, Haihe River and Five Great Avenues in Tianjin, the Confucius Temple and the Qinhuai River in Nanjing, the Bund and Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai and so on.

One of the winners of China Tour Award Mr.Zack, on behalf of the distributors, expressed his gratitude to the company for the recognition of his work and said he was looking forward to having a close contact with China to learn the traditional Chinese culture with a history of more than 5000 years when participating the tour.


Mr Fred, Marketing Manager, presented South Africa Business Trip Award to four outstanding distributors. As one of the BRICS countries, South Africa is the only developed country in Africa, where Green World’s regional headquarters is located. Distributors in Kenya have always been interested in South Africa and they are looking forward to learning and exchanging market experiences with excellent distributors in South Africa.

Madam Mary kiai, one of the distributors who won South Africa Business Trip Award, expressed her admiration for the distributors in South Africa. She expected to learn more advanced market experiences from South African leaders during her visit to South Africa to better develop the market in Kenya.


There were eight Market Development Award winners. For distributors and shop owners who had a good performance of market development and sales growth, the combination of laptop and projector was a more suitable prize for them to better develop the market.

Mr. Ogwel Collins, a Market Development Award winner, delivered a speech expressing his gratitude to Green World for the timely prize presented to them--the laptop and projector which were their essential tools. He sworn to make good use of them to develop market further.

There were 7 Mauritius Trip Award winners. Mauritius is a world-class tourist resort, known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Every year it attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Only the specialty shop owners with excellent sales performance and distributors with excellent market performance could get this award.

Mr. Ang'asa Onyango, a distributor who won the Mauritius Trip Award, expressed his gratitude to Green World Group for fulfilling his dream of traveling around the world. He took part in the Dubai Trip organized by the company as an excellent distributor winner last year.


29 people were rewarded Business Car Award. For many ordinary Kenyans, it is a dream to drive their own cars to develop the market. The Green World provides them with an excellent platform. They can get the cars rewarded to them by the company for several times through their excellent performance. Many distributors have received seven or eight cars from the company.

Mr. Mwenda Silas karani, a Business Car Award winner, delivered his acceptance speech. He said this award would change his life, which enabled him to drive his own car to more places to further develop the market. It also served as a better example to promote the health concept of Green World to more people.

At the end of prize-awarding period, Madam Polly Mwenda, the newly promoted one-star manager distributor, is praised. She said she was honored to join Green World and she had set her sights not just on Kenya's market, but on the other countries’ markets as well in the world.

During prize-awarding part, there were also two lucky draw activities. With the good luck brought by Green World concept of “We Care We Share”, many distributors got blueberry series products of Blueberry Coffee and Blueberry Juice High Vc, Fresh Drink Wake, Fresh Drink Clear and Energy Drink.

Then new products, including Uterus Cleansing Pill, Blueberry Coffee, SMILIFE Phyto-clear Skin Care Series, Blueberry Concentrate, Energy Drink and so on are introduced, of which Uterus Cleansing Pill and SMILIFE Phyto-clear Skin Care Series were especially welcomed by female consumers.

In the product promotion part later, the company displayed a lot of new small household appliances. The first one was a small disinfectant generator. With this product, distributors don’t need to buy hand sanitizer any more. They only need salt and water at home to produce chlorine containing disinfectant that can kill novel coronaviruses. It is simple, convenient and affordable.

The small disinfectant generator can help to disinfect clothes, fruits, doorknobs and other specific things. But what should we do if the air is dirty? Then came Green World air purifier.With it, air will be purified and viruses will be killed, which can bring you a healthy and clean living environment.

At last the meeting was closed with the singing and dancing to the song of Flying Higher, which was compiled by the distributors.
Tips: The video of the meeting has been uploaded to Youtube and Facebook. Search Green World Kenya on the website to watch it.