The First Home Fit Camp of Green World Kenya Branch Successfully Held
2021-03-05 15:32:16

At the beginning of the Year of the Ox, Green World Kenya branch held the first Home Fit Camp. As the epidemic is still not subsided, considering the health of participants, this activity adopted an innovative way for the first time -- organizing distributors to carry out various activities in accordance with preset procedures at home through Whatup App online. After two months' market warm-up, distributors and product enthusiasts from Kenya and neighboring countries including Tanzania, as well as the employees of the branch company enthusiastically signed up for the event. Due to the number of participants is limited, at last a total of 30 participants joined in the three-day Home Fit Camp from February 18th to 20th, 2021.
Home Fit Camp is easy to operate. The effect of weight loss can be evaluated by a weighing scale and a tape measure. Participants began their day at 6 a.m. by measuring their weight and waist circumference. Strictly following the healthy diet, participants switched from a plate full of rice, bread and fried foods to a plate full of fruits and vegetables and lightly flavored high-protein foods. A new meal replacement product of Green World--Blueberry Slimming Body, allows participants to cut back on their diet while getting enough nutritional supplements as well as feeling satiety, thus the calorie intake was controlled from the source in a healthy and comfortable way.
To ensure nutrition intake during the weight loss period, Green World International Education and Training Department provided participants with a combination of products that replenish essential nutrients, maintain muscle mass, and help detoxify the intestines. Organized and coordinated by Mr. Fred, Marketing Manager of Kenya Branch, a online group themed Home Fit Camp built through Whatup served as a hotline between participants and organizers. Kenyan senior distributors Ms. Lucy Miano and Mr. Stephen Mbogo led to  share their videos of healthy diet, meridian massage exercises and aerobics in the group. Under the leadership of the team leaders, the participants' three meals, the situation of taking the product, the pictures and videos of meridian massage and aerobics were posted to the group. Although everyone could not get together, the exchange and sharing of feelings, thoughts and information were never interrupted during the three-day camp. To strengthen the effect, some young, energetic participants increased their exercise by jumping rope, running, and sports in the gym.
Within three days, participants were thrilled to find the body weight is dropping and the waistline is reducing. Among the 30 participants, weight loss ranged from a minimum of 1.5 kg to a maximum of 7 kg. They all expressed that the weight-loss products of Green World  are effective and safe, the three-day Home Fit Camp is full of happiness and vitality. Everyone was proud of their improvement of health condition, self-discipline and influence. Meanwhile, through this experiential marketing activity, the vision and ideas to develop new markets were broadened. In the end, the six distributors with the most successful weight loss effect and positive performance were awarded prizes particularly prepared by Kenya branch. Distributors and consumers were all looking forward to more such experiential activities would be held and promoted in the future.

Participants positively taking part in the discussion in the online Whatup group of Kenya Home Fit Camp

Healthy diet of participants in Home Fit Camp

The effect of weight loss can be evaluated by a weighing scale and a tape measure

The organizer of Kenya Home Fit Camp--Mr. Fred, marketing manager of Kenya branch, explaining product knowledge in the group 

Kenyan senior distributor Ms. Lucy Miano conducting meridian massage

Kenyan senior distributor Mr. Stephen Mbogo showing his healthy diet

Kenyan senior distributor Mr. Fredrick Macharia sharing detoxifying and weight loss products

Participants of Home Fit Camp recording the body weight and waistline every morning

Participates conducting meridian massage

Participates conducting meridian massage

Participants doing aerobics

Successful testimonies of Home Fit Camp