Market News--Green World International South Africa Durban Branch Held Offline Awarding Conference of the First Quarter in 2021
2021-05-01 14:10:58

On the morning of April 24, 2021, with bright sunlight and colorful rainbow, the whole staff of Green World South Africa Durban Branch had well prepared for the arrival of distributors from Kwazulu-natal province.


In accordance with the government's anti-epidemic requirements, 200 seats were prepared, but the distributors were in high spirits and the attendance was greatly better than expected. At 9 a.m., all the distributors wearing masks began to enter the venue orderly after the body temperature detection and disinfection. At 10 a.m., Mr. Ndodozu, the host of the conference, announced the official start of the conference, and senior distributor Ms. Charity delivered a welcome speech as the distributor representative.


After watching the company's promotional video, the senior distributor representatives made presentations on the company profile, products and compensation plan. Then, 11 excellent distributors were rewarded as the winners of Fast Growth Award for their outstanding performance. The award conference gradually came to the climax.


According to the promotion policy of the company this year, No.024 specialty shop owner obtained cash reward for her excellent performance in the first quarter of 2021. Mr. Shangwen Huang, represented the branch to award her 8700 Rand and expressed congratulations to her for her progress. With the warm atmosphere, distributors sang and danced. Ms.SURPRISE MAPHALALA, the award winner, particularly presented exquisite gifts for her team members and her team leader Ms.MALTER as well as Mr. Shangwen Huang, general manager of Green World South Africa Durban Branch to express her gratitude.   

In the first quarter of 2021, there were two distributors winning China Tour Award, respectively Ms.SUPRISE MAPHALALA and Ms.GUGU NDLELA. As the honored guest, Ms.MALTER, high level distributor from Johannesburg branch, presented award for them.


The atmosphere of the conference came to the climax when the loyalty awards of senior distributors were presented. All the distributors can not help themselves to come to the stage for the celebration. As per the promotional policy of the year 2021, Ms.SHUMBA TEVERAI and Ms.NTOMBIZANELE SIBISI were awarded 10000 Rand, which were presented by the senior distributors Mr.SABELO MAGUBANE and Ms.MALTER.

Senior distributors Mr.SHUMBA TEVERAI and Ms.NTOMBIZANELE SIBISI respectively made speeches, in which they expressed gratitude to the company for the support to their works all the time and encouraged distributors to continuously make effort at the platform of Green World which deserves the trust for life. 


At last, distributor representative Ms.MAGUBAME delivered a passionate speech which made every participant greatly encouraged. She also invited some distributors who newly joined in Green World to the stage, praised their important decisions and encouraged them to make efforts to stand on the stage of next awarding conference. Mr. Shangwen Haung, general manager of Green World South Africa Durban Branch, announced the marketing plan as well as the incentive and reward policies of year 2021.
Green World South Africa Durban Branch Offline Awarding Conference of the First Quarter of 2021 came to an end in cheers and laughter. Hope Durban branch obtain great breakthrough in the following time of 2021 and successfully achieve the established performance target in 2021.